I got it ready from the box and then uh here’s, the sunto7. Okay, this one, the smaller one, is the footstep, while the other one is the battery percentage. If you’ll be connecting to the wi fi to the bluetooth of your watch uh, it will consume more uh power, normally for a normal smart smartwatch function, it will uh. Last up to 24 up to two days, while, if you are exercising up to 12 hours for standby time, it might last um 100, it might last a week or so depends on the usage of your watch again, the more you use, the internet, the or wi Fi connection, the more it is or bluetooth the more it is, so this is sunto, and actually this is where the watch is uh wrap around it inside you have a spare loop band, okay, and also this is where the charger is. Actually, the charger look like this okay, this is how the charger looks like i know this is not. It should be the round one okay. This is this is for the spartan and sun tonight. Okay, here it is the round one. This is the charger replace it at the back at the back. You would see the led lights, how many only one so you place the charger like this. Okay, there you go and plug this to your computer, that’s, the safest and then uh. It is a fast charging in uh an hour and a half or two you can easily so at the back.

You would also see the serial number. This is where the serial number is, those numbers and the brand model it’s the sum27. It has four buttons. This is where you would select the to navigate up navigate down, and this is to restart or turn off press and hold that for two seconds. It will turn on and off. So it is touchscreen this one. I have notifications already. I already set this up uh. This is where it gives you the temperature, if you like, to start a workout. This is a voice assistant since uh the where os is its operating system, but um. You cannot answer calls using the microphone this one doesn’t have speaker too um for notification. It will just vibrate accordingly, so this is where you will manage the settings. Okay, i it says to do not disturb okay. There is so we have disabled uh. Do not disturb this. One is for the phone. If you like your phone to ring, so it will sit, it will try to find your phone, so the phone your phone would ring if it is within the distance of the bluetooth. Let’S go back again. This one is for to turn the battery receiver on. You can enable and disable this one is for the flashlight, so it gives you flashlight let’s go back. This one is for your. The watch, icon is for you turn on the cater mode. The theater mode is screen turns off tap the icon again to exit chat resolve normally, if it is chatter’s own and will not receive any notification, then this is the airplane mode.

If you don’t want to be connected at all, okay to save all your battery. Okay, so that’s the settings you set display change, watch face, adjust, brightness sunlight boost font style, always on screen touch lock, screen timeout. This one is set to five seconds: okay, apps and notifications. So you could uh click on apply info up notification aspect; permission notification, previews set to do not disturb when reached when off race. This one is enacted enable override do not disturb vibration. Pattern gestures, uh you can tilt to make power. Saver tilt choose power, touch the way for navigation, so this one is set to default, touch to it. Connectivity, bluetooth, wi, fi, nfc, new field, connectivity, airplane mode location, is on yeah. There you go so for wi, fi let’s go back again. Settings let’s go back to connectivity, Music, bluetooth, it’s on it’s, connected to my cell phone available devices, accessibility, magnification gestures, that’s, the only thing we have there, then uh general. We have a show under the dot auto last major controls, launch watch tutorial that’s under general, personalization and storage. We have um data size sunto, where os google play synthetic services. Good google play store. Google contact, storage and twitter watch faces fade medium, oem calendar settings setup. These are the apps that is inside the storage call management. Again, you can uh accept call, but you cannot use this as an extension of your earphone. You can only accept it, but you have to use your cell phone to talk to your friend.

So these are the apps or system that is embedded on the storage system battery date time restart. This is where you would reset it to factory default system restart then um disconnect and reset yeah there. You go so that’s where that’s about the settings. Personalization let’s um check that it would be at google accounts. This is my google account? Okay, when you disconnect and reset you would uh set it just like out of the box if in case that uh it’s not working properly, you will do that only sparingly. We also have here the what do we have here? This is the warranty, the user manual, it’s kind of very small safety matters, get started your coverage for the warranty so that’s what we have there, so it is designed for adventure since 1936. I have already uh done my exercise here, so if you want to start with an exercise, this is my notifications, what’s my heart rate uh. This one will not allow you to have a hr build since it. It is only designed with this heart rate. I have already uploaded the people’s exercise that i have. It even has a quotation: let’s clear, all the notification. So if i want to exercise okay, i press the upper button. Then i can start then select you can. I can select a route. This is coming from. My zone to app and blink it to the center. I can do power, saving exercise options, maps, option options.

I have the diary. This is my diary if i would select it that’s where the stats for my layering and there’s, even a graph of my heartbeat. Okay, just make sure when you connect it to the zoom, to app that your uh that the aware os is also open. Otherwise, it may not connect, especially if just for the first time so you even see here your profile, your weight, high birth year, gender resting heart rate, maximum heart rate, mine is resting, heart rate is 60. Maximum heart rate is 166 bits per minute, so that is important so that um you can watch can easily determine metric for the measurement metric or imperial. So i use a metric, then i also have a google feed account let’s make a good fit account. It is connected, then you can go to the google feed of your on your watch on your uh app. It has button tips. You can turn that on so that you can easily navigate and about is the version of your watch. You could see a suntower operation soto where service version, okay, you can choose a sport mode, say walking. Then you can start navigating so let’s say you want to start press the meter button. Then it will search for since i’m inside the room uh. It will try to use the accelerator if there is no gps, our accelerometer okay, then uh stop or lap. Then stop i’ll end since i’m, not exercising just for demo purposes.

Okay, there you go that’s the final measurement thing: okay, so that’s about it. Thank you and um. I hope that you would be able to use this to help you navigate for your new sunto7 watches. Okay, thank you for calling i’ll. Thank you for calling sorry thank you for watching and um.