Smartwatch youll find the link to the product in the description, and you can use the link to check the latest price and other user reviews watch till the end. To know our final verdict on whether its worth the purchase sunto 9 peak smartwatch overview, this is a small and elegant smart watch that you can bring with you on your next adventure. Sunto 9 peak comes with all the right features that a good smartwatch should have to help you fulfill different needs. Its shape is designed to hug the wrist to give users optimum comfort. This smartwatch also features an automatic backlight, so you dont have to press any button to turn on the screen. Every time the smartwatch can also adjust the brightness based on the ambient light. This smartwatch also features a heart rate, monitor and barometric altimeter. It can last up to 170 hours in battery saving mode and up to 25 hours in gps mode. Santo 9 peak offers over 80 profiles and practical tools that are useful for different sports. It even contains tools that can help. You find your way if you get lost with this watch. You can even see your smartphone notifications on it. It allows you to view any incoming calls and messages on it. What we liked its made from high quality materials, the smartwatch charges fast it offers rich outdoor functions, has gps navigation features automatic backlighting? What we didnt like it comes at a higher price than other models.

This smartwatch does not have an mp3 player specifications as per the specs. You can tell that this is a thin and lightweight smartwatch. You can connect it with different devices for an enhanced experience, features construction. Most models from suntow are made using high quality materials, and nine peak is no exception. This smartwatch is made using brushed stainless steel, titanium and sapphire crystal its one of the thinnest smart watches available in the market. Today it comes with some bezel buttons, as well as an all metal case that makes it look flashy. The manufacturer has practically redesigned the straps to make this smartwatch fit people with different wrist sizes. The smart watch is also available in different colors in case any parts of the smart watch fail. You can remove and replace it conveniently sensors when it comes to sensors. Sunto 9 peak comes with a heart rate monitor this includes a pulse oximeter, which is useful in measuring the level of oxygen in the blood. The sensor is useful for people who, like climbing, hiking or mountaineering, since it can help one assess adaptation to altitude as they go up. Apart from this, the smartwatch also features a barometric altimeter with manual or automatic calibration battery life. Most customers that choose this smartwatch are impressed with its battery life. This watch can last up to 170 hours when set in saving mode, unlike most models that take hours to charge, sonto 9 peak charges in just one hour.

It also features the intelligent battery manager. That shows the remaining battery time. You can use this to switch the modes when you wish to extend the battery life. Some of the battery modes that sunto 9p comes with include performance, endurance, ultra and tour mode functions. Santo 9 peak has numerous functions that can benefit different users. For instance, it offers over 80 sports profiles. It also has different tools, as well as physiological measures for workout scheduling and splits. You can also make use of sunto plus to access different tools for specific sports verdict. So is sunto 9p, an ideal smartwatch. Yes, this is a reliable high quality smartwatch that you should consider purchasing. It has accurate gps readings, long battery life and numerous functions. Youll also like the elegant design of this smart watch, who is it best suited for this, is a multi sport watch that you can get if youre a fan of outdoor activities and extreme sports? Are there alternatives? Santo 9, barrow garmin, fenix, 6s, sunto 5.