Now, just like their amazing led lights, they also have some quality accessories for smartphones. So in this video let’s take a look at one of the latest product which is cisco bolt, and this watch will be available on flipkart at a discounted price of 24.99 and it will be available via flash sale. So do check out the link in the description box for more details, also guys i’m doing a giveaway of this smartwatch. So all you have to do is just like the video and leave a comment and in the comment you have to mention one word that i will mention somewhere in the video. It is a five letter word so do watch this video till the end and guys without wasting any further time, let’s quickly unbox this watch and take a look at it. My name is sarna all about technologies, let’s begin so guys. This is how the packaging looks like and, as you can see on the top, we have three color options, which is black, blue and green. We have a space black variant over here now on the side. You can see all the features that it comes with and i will talk about most of them in the video, so stay tuned for that on the other side of the box, we have a qr code for warranty, so once you purchase it do scan it for Warranty now, without wasting any further time, let’s open the box and see what all things we get so first, on the top, we have the smart watch itself which, to be honest, looks nice and feels really premium for the price.

Next, we get this box, which has a user manual that explains all the details on how to connect and use the watch. So do read it once when you buy this watch and last, but not the least you get this cable, which we will need to charge. The cisco bolt taking a look at the watch, we get a 1.28 inch color ips lcd touchscreen display, which, for the price works really well, the touch response is nice and overall, the ui also feels smooth for now. Next, we have a button to the side which is a home button and it feels nice and tactile on press now. What really impressed me is the metal casing, as it makes the whole watch look and feel more premium, so big thumbs up for cesca. The band is made of silicon and even after wearing it for several hours, i had no issues. Cisco bolt is also ip68 water resistant, which means it can handle light rain and shower. Now. Let me give you a quick overview of the ui, so swiping down will reveal options like do not disturb settings, find my phone which, by the way, comes in handy a lot of times and last, but not the least. You can control the brightness from this swiping up reveals all your notifications and messages. Now, if you swipe to the right, it reveals a lot of options, but first let’s take a look at sports in sports. You can track running hiking swimming badminton, cricket, basketball and more so that’s really nice to have.

If you are an active person, now do note that if you take this watch for a swim, don’t go in water beyond five feet, deep and not for more than 30 minutes, because this is just ip68 water resistant. Next, we have heart rate, monitor and spo2, monitor, which is really nice to have in this pandemic, as it becomes easier to track them with just a single touch, not just that you will even get the data in app so it’s easier to track. Now, if you are a woman watching this video, then you can even track your menstrual cycle on the cisco bolt. Last but not the least, you can control music from the watch itself and you can even control the camera shutter. If you are trying to click a group picture all right guys, so that five letter word is cisca. So just mention that in the comment and you will be entered in the giveaway to win this smart watch now taking a look at the app on the first page, you can see all the data like steps, kilometers, calories, burned and so on. You can also see all the data of heart rate spo to our blood oxygen level, sleep and your menstruation cycle. Next, you can set alarm, find, watch and update the watch from the app itself. So that’s really nice, you can even change the watch faces from the app and there are around 100 options to choose from which is a lot.

So that’s a really nice thing. Next, you can enable call reminder and notification so that you don’t have to constantly check your phone, so you can turn it on. If you want, you can even set sedentary reminder and water alert, which is extremely important for everyone, as these things contribute a lot to your well being next, you can also set reminder for hand sanitization, which is really a nice feature, that they have added for this Pandemic situation, apart from all these features, you can even set time range for health monitor and do not disturb from the app itself for those who are interested in battery life, it can last for up to 10 days on a single charge, so that should be sufficient For a lot of people, so overall cisco bolt comes with a lot of features and, if you’re interested in knowing more about this watch – and if you want me to do a full review, then do let me know that in the comment section and i will try My best to do that, if you found this video helpful, then do give this video a thumbs up, make sure to subscribe, if you’re new here and follow me on twitter and instagram for more updates. Well guys, that’s, pretty much it for this video.