Make a brand new video super excited for this product. Today, i’m going to be reviewing the mn and t500 smartwatch, which i just got from flipkart, and the price of this is 1499 rupees. What is the speciality of swatch? This watch is the second replica of the apple watch and more cheaper version of the apple watch. So without further ado, let’s get started unboxing this thing and i’m gon na give all the details and on the descriptions in the link in the description. So without further ado, let’s get started. Okay, so let’s take a look at the ml t500 smartwatch this price. As a tool is 1449 rupees and here’s the front of the box and here’s the back of the box, and so what i’m gon na do is i can push this tab to get out the watch itself. So here we have the watch. I mean like the watch itself, it comes with a strap for your arm, so it’s like an adjustable, strap and like all the stuff quality, wise it’s, pretty good with silicone, and here we have the dial itself over. Here we have a protective timber and it says um like um. It is the series 644 mm aluminum uh ceramic case, ecg heart rate, bluetooth watch so i’m, just gon na keep this aside, and we have some other stuff over here over here we have a small instruction manual and a magnetic charger to charge the base of the Watch so without further ado i’m, just gon na straightly jump to the watch.

So here we have the watch itself. I installed everything i set up everything with my phone and all those stuff and the magnetic charger and worked. I had charged for half an hour and it’s perfectly working and now to install the dials. You just simply just see one edge and then just slot it in like that. So what i’m going to do is based on the instructions. You have to keep this one on this side and then like this one on this side, and you usually have to keep it in the left hand, because um, it shows that you have to keep it in the left hand, if you are a right, hander um, You have to only place this in the left hand, watch and over it’s simple to place it, and then you have the watch itself. Pretty much looks like an apple watch. My eyes is lying to me when i see this and it’s absolutely a game changer for apple watch lovers and they could not afford to buy an apple watch so it’s, just like simply just keeping the dial and adjusting and to turn on the watch press. This hit button and it starts. I i set up the watch and you can change different dials. I like this one and yeah. There are a lot of dials and the battery. Also, you, you just go press this button and you go back to the home screen and it shows you everything like the charging is currently low.

So if i charge this like, i take my thing and i keep it to my laptop like so and then it’s a magnetic charger, pretty wireless, and so what i’m gon na do is. I can just take these pins. You can see these pins and then match the pins to the other pins, and so that so it shows the charger connected and so it’s charging. Currently. So when you tap on the button you get the feel of the apple watch like you can see all these icons and all the stuff, so first off i’m, going to show you a simple setup from here how to set up this in case, if you’re buying The ml and t500 – or you can say so to to i showed you how to keep the charger and all the stuff, and now i want to show you how to set up. Basically, you have an app store button. Like the normal app launches, you can scan the barcode, and i mean like this: is a barcode will be there and which i blurred out and then after you scan the barcode, you can get all calling features, texting, features and all those stuff. And then you can play games on this like fighter pilot and you can continue if you are playing again like so and then you can also have cat. You can also dial a number, so you can dial phone numbers. You can call your own number heartbeat, pedometer normal features, and you have an alarm.

You can play music, so i can connect the music um from here. So remote device doesn’t support. It almost has like a radio in it, some chats, retry and then, like you, have a lot lot more to explore. Um, voice, memos whatsoever, calling calculators, dates, twitter, bluetooth, chat, heartbeat calculator, alarm, music, clock gear for settings and, like a camera, you also get like this. Facebook and you can see the temperature – i don’t – know what’s the seating one. Okay, so it’s, like a reminder of how much time you need to sit a bluetooth chat, you have like a sleep thingy like sleeps, you have a running. You have the games and um the fine might be so if you, if you lose your device as it’s connected to bluetooth, it shows you where to find your device, so that’s a really nice feature and the scroll thing does not work. Unfortunately, but overall i feel like everything is working and you can see that you can swipe to the sides, i guess so mostly no, no, you cannot swipe through the sides and then you can check whatever you wanted and like pretty much self explanatory and now for The quick setup, as i told you um you like you, know tap this connect it to bluetooth and there will be an app specifically for this. I mean like it will be like android. It will go to your website and it will say, like google play store.

Android or ios, and then what it will do is it will take that particular feature and um that and you can download the app directly through your device, and so after you download the app it’s just like a couple of bluetooth connections and you’re done for pairing. This app and you have to get this watch and yeah pretty much. I give it a 3.5 stars. I mean like not 3.5, a 4 out of 5 because, like apple watch is too costly and, like you know, imagine something like this and i’m changing the revolutionized world is absolutely amazing and so i’m just going to wear this watch and show you how it looks On my hand, watching my hand and it’s pretty cool, and i settled my size for this perfectly – it really looks professional and um. I really like the watch and like you can change all the stuff and it really helps for a lot of you just like. If you are a buyer for a smart watch, i highly recommend you for buying this no joke. This is amazing product and i hope you buy this product simple and more cost effective, so it’s like 1499. It used to be like five, thousands and now in flipkart. I bought this so if you want to do buy this, smart watch click the link in the description it’s, absolutely like you couldn’t just go there it’s free shipping also. So if you buy the exact same watch that i do please do i mean like tag me and like post a picture in the comment box or you can i’ll like you, can send it to my email, um and so yeah.

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