Let’S go hey guys. This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s videos, we’re going to have the unboxing and our initial review of the t500 plus smartwatch. So i got this one guys online and it costs around 15, so that’s around 750 pesos. Here are the specifications of the watch, so it has this screen, which is ips and screen. Size is 1.75. It has dynamic heart rate and remote camera. So now let’s look at the box guys. So this is the front of our t500 plus so in front there’s. High watch six and also there’s high watch logo on the left on the sides it has t500 plus – and it says here space aluminum case series, 6, 44 millimeters at the back there’s, nothing guys so let’s open it. Okay. So, just like that guys, we have here our manual. So if you have any questions you can refer to your manual guys, okay, it’s in english and also in chinese. Then we have here the strap, so it is kind of nice. Also guys we have here a white charging dock, yes for our p500 plus smartwatch, and now we have here guys our p500 plus smartwatch. Okay, so let’s take this out on the front we have the screen and on the left, there’s speaker and also on the right. We have here the crown yes, and we also have here just like a design guys but it’s not working, and i think this is the microphone and at the back guys.

So we have here the sensors and the charging area. Okay, so now let’s try to turn it on all right so guys it says battery low, so i’m gon na charge it first all right guys, so we just charge our t500 plus in just a couple of minutes. So now let’s check it so guys. This is the watch face of the default of the t500 plus so it’s moving guys so let’s count guys so one two three four five, six, seven, okay guys it has only seven watch faces, but later on, i will show you how to add. Watch face. Okay, guys so now let’s try to swipe to the right so guys when you swipe to the right case. It will give you a shortcut so, as you can see, there’s the time and there’s also application there. I think this is heart rate, bluetooth, music and settings. Okay, when you swipe down, then it says there bluetooth is not connected, so i think we will have to connect that later on and when you swipe up, then it will give you to the notifications, such as vibration and bluetooth and the brightness okay and the flashlight And also we have here the style and we also have here the calculator so which is nice guys? Okay. So when you want to calculate your salary, you can do that. Okay and now let’s go to the application guys. So all you just have to do is you’re going to tap the screen and it will direct you to the menus there.

So we have here: uh, bluetooth, music, dialer, also bluetooth, connections, okay messaging, so you have to connect that one, and we also have here phone book call log motion record: okay, physical training, guys. So you have run ropes, ropes, keeping abdominal curl table tennis, basketball, badminton, climb, cycling, tennis, walk volleyball wow. It has lots of training, guys that you can choose okay, so we also have here. So we have her heart rate. First, okay, let’s. Okay, as you can see, guys wow, the sensor is red already, so we didn’t have the red sensor before the color was always green, okay guys. So this is our heart rate, it’s at 76 bits per minute. Okay, now let’s check our blood pressure, guys so let’s check that one Music, okay guys. So this is our blood pressure, it’s 127 over 88 and the blood oxygen level is 97, so i’m, not so sure guys if it’s really accurate. If you want guys, i will make a comparison of our blood pressure, monitoring, which is the omron and also with this one. We also have here sleep, monitor, guys and sound recorder, so this is nice guys, because you can record the sound that you want. This is nice alarm find my device. Stop watch calculator calendar app, download okay. So this is just the qr code, guys for the application that you have to install later on. We have here what’s, whatsapp, twitter, facebook, remote capture and settings under settings guys you have slides, which uh raised lcd on.

So when you want to raise it security settings clock okay, so you can set the time here display so the style and the screen time out. You can control guys if how long will you want the screen to to light? Is it like 10 seconds, then we also have here international for the language, okay, and we have reset and about okay, all right, so we also have here guys remote notifier. This is nice and breath so like when you want to like breathe in and then also when you want to breathe out like that, so it will vibrate it’s nice, guys wow and fun. So we have here also game guys start game. Oh amazing, look amazing. I died: okay, guys uh yeah. We really have to do like this guys to play, so this is nice wow. I never thought that d500 plus would have like this as well. Okay, guys so it’s, a very nice watch, yes, and it has lots of features yeah. We compared to the p500 that we had before this one had lots of features all right, so here it is guys so it’s, very nice and also it’s light guys, not so heavy yes, yeah, it’s, very comfortable to wear Music okay and for you to charge guys All you just have to do is you’re going to make sure that the pins will be properly placed into the dock. So just like this case like that, and it will already charged i’ll, be testing this one guys, and i will let you know in a couple of days of what are the things that i noticed with this smartwatch.

Okay guys.