This is the t500 smartwatch and i’ve been using it for some days now and i’ve been able to test the reliability of this smartwatch. Let us quickly unbox this watch. This smartwatch is a replica of the apple watch series 5.. It was made to look like the apple watch series 5, but doesn’t function exactly like the apple watch, Music. The smartwatch comes in this plain white box with some designs up top sliding the box open. You are greeted with the smart watch in the middle and the two rubber or silicone straps at the sides. I love the fact that the straps are detachable, so you can always change it to your favorite designs and colors later on i’m. In love with the rose gold color now quickly, underneath that we have a charging dock attached to a micro, usb, cable and a user manual, which you should read to get the full specifications and control functions, and that is all in the box. Music peeling of the sticker, we are greeted with a display that isn’t full screen so do expect to see some bezels Music fitting in the strap is very easy, we’re just sliding in the right slots, and i like the way it fits properly. The charging dock on this device isn’t magnetic, but it can easily be fitted on and off the device which makes it very comfortable to use it takes about an hour for this device to be fully charged.

So do expect some waiting time. The manual comes in multiple languages, and so does the device support multiple languages. Something to note is that only the fitpro app works with this particular version. I love the way it fits my degrees properly and doesn’t fall off, even when i shake it now powering on the device you’re greeted with defeat pro up top and the default apple menu style launcher, but don’t worry. This can always be changed with this style. It comes packed with some sports modes like the steps counter, the heart rate monitor it even has a dialer and also a phone book. Some other sports mode includes running seat up, jumping jack basketball, badminton volleyball bike riding tennis. It has the dual mode: music control. Sleep monitor and the camera. It also has a stop. Watch. You find my device, a weather, app, a messages app also the qr code, the menu style launcher and the reset button voice assistant has also been brought to this device and works accurately Music. You can make calls directly from the smartwatch and the microphone and speaker provides a good call quality. This step counter isn’t accurate, but does the job let’s take a quick look at the body of this device to the right? We have two power buttons and the microphone cut out and to the left it’s a speaker cutout, underneath that is the sensor with the charging pins and some inscriptions. One cool thing to know is that the watch faces are customizable and by just sliding left or right.

You can switch between watch faces depending on your move of the day Music sliding up on the device you can access the accessibility shortcuts, like your dual mode, your bluetooth, music control, your qr code, your main menu style launchers, the dialer and also your phone book, while Sliding up on the home screen, you can access your messages and i like the way it is displayed for quick reading and accessibility. Music. The touch sensitivity on the device is really really good: Music being a generic device. The heart rate monitor isn’t accurate, so i don’t expect you to rely on any readings. You get same goes for the steps counter the button we, the distraction, only acts as a home button and a c voice control button and the other button acts as a back button and a power button. Something to note is that the digital crown doesn’t work Music. In order to enjoy the full control functions over the smartwatch, you will need to download the fitpro app, which is the base app for this smartwatch, where you can have settings like your message: boost settings, your common contact settings and other cool settings that comes with the Smartphone, Music, all sports modes and data gotten from the device is saved directly on the app which is really really cool. It also comes with a health report system that keeps you on track: Music customizing. The watch fees can also be done directly from the app Music.

Alright guys that’s it aesthetically. The watch looks nice and performs very well compared to other watches of its range. So tell me what you think about it down in the comment section and all relevant links will also be left in the comments section.