We are going to discuss istitify bandwidth, smartwatch, also known as apple watch series 5 premium copy worth buying in 2021 and we’re also going to discuss house equality after 10 months of usage. But before we start Music, i just want to apologize to those people to those viewers who have watched my first t500 smartwatch review, because i admit the video quality in general is not decent. The audio quality, my voice, modulation or voice in general, and even the video quality in general, is not good. So once again, i just want to apologize, and i promise you in this video. I will do my best so with that being said, let’s start the survey by the way guys i just want to share. I am not sponsored and was not sponsored by any company store or businesses. It is because, a few months ago a viewer of ours once messaged me regarding this topic, so he sent me the link and instantly. I was shocked and surprised because i saw myself and my video being used Music. So, once again with that being said, let’s start this review. The t500 smartwatch has a curved edge, glossy zinc, alloy body, with a single crown button on the side and no by twisting it it doesn’t have any function. It also has a flat and not embossed button with no function as well, unlike the f10 smartwatch, which you made a review of months ago so comment down below.

If you want me to make an updated review of the f10 smartwatch moving on below the flat button, we have what i believe is the speaker and, yes, you may listen and control music from this watch, the volume and the option to stop or move to a New song or new video at the back, we have a sensor used for various health wrappers and a charging port which we’ll get into later nice by the way guys, as you can tell, there are a lot of dents and paint chips on the smartwatch. It is because, upon pulling the watch from the charger force is required, so basically the charger itself scratches the body. What i did was. I tried to pull aside from the charger using a pliers, so it will be easier for me to insert and remove the watch, which was a suggestion by a viewer. So thank you very much so yeah in terms of the build quality standpoint in general. It is actually very light and barely fillable, but the premium presence is still there. It also comes with a silicone, strap and take note. The bands are replaceable and you may use the original apple watch bands as well as cases. The dimensions of this watch is nearly similar to the legit ones, so, whatever accessories that fits, the apple watch may also be used for this. By the way it has an ip67 waterproof rating, which is splash rain and dust resistant.

I tested this feature 10 months ago and it still works perfectly overall. If you look at the watch from a distance, it really looks like an apple watch. However, it has some major differences if someone checks it entirely, which for apparent reasons and most probably no one in their right, mind, will do such thing just for the sake of putting someone to shame of wearing a clone so yeah. In my opinion, it is still premium looking overall, it only has some dents and paint chips, although by simply putting a case, it will not be a big of a problem. The t5 bandwidth smartwatch has a high definition, 1.54 inch ips lcd with a screen resolution of 240×240 pixels. The screen display is sharp and vivid, but not very. On the first few months i was really shocked because the resolution it produces is really astonishing. I mean don’t get me wrong until now. It still is, but, to be honest, i don’t feel the astonishment i felt before. Probably it has something to do with me being used to using the huawei honor band 6, which i made a review of. We can truly perceive the difference in terms of resolution, but yeah disregarding the comparison. It still is stupendous, yes, stupendous, even under sunlight. The display can be seen greatly. Despite how bright the sunlight is. Music. The t500 smartwatch is powered by an mtk2502 processor which packs 64 megabytes of ram and 128 megabytes of rom.

It has bluetooth 4.0 and compatible with android 5.0 and ios 9 above devices. Let us now discuss the features in order to change the watch face. We just need to slide left or right or long press. The display sliding from the top will release the notification center coming from our phone sliding from below will release the control center. First is the flashlight Music. It is somehow not that bright opposed to the huawei honor band 6, but it does its purpose. Anyways next is to find my phone Laughter, although if your smart watch is missing, you may also use your phone as the remote device to find it. Here is what i meant Music. Next, we have is what i believe screen time or how long you want your phone to stay awake. Next, we have is the sound if return is on, the watch will produce sounds from various activities. Next, we have is the calculator. Let us now discuss the main features in order to do that, just simply tap the screen. First, we have is dialer and no, we can’t call through the watch, but only dial the number and the call will happen through the phone. Next, we have this phone book. If we press sync with phone contacts from our phone will be directed here, next, we have is call logs. Our call history will be listed here. Next, we have is messaging. So apparently i tap this many times, but it doesn’t work.

Next. We have this motion reminder. So this tracks some of our activities like pedometer, stunt, time, training, time and the lake. Next, we have this artwork tracker let’s, give it a shot Music. Next is the blood pressure tracker Music? Next we have is physical training. We have a variety: it just simply tracks how many calories we burnt within a specific amount of time, Music. Next, we have this reminder. Next, we have this bluetooth. Connection listed here are the connected devices from the watch. We may tap search new device if you want to connect a new device. Next, we have is the sleep monitor it tracks, how many hours we slept last night, our deep and light sleep. Next we have is bluetooth music. We can adjust the volume play or pause and change to a new song or video and take note the sound comes from our watch Music. Next, we have is remote notifier, so it simply shows the notifications coming from our phone. Next we have the settings. First is bluetooth settings which shows if the bluetooth is on and the visibility next, we have is the race to wake option let’s, give it a shot. Next, we have. Is the clock settings Music? If we turn on time sync, the watch will copy the time and date of the phone this is connected to. Next, we have is the sound which is pretty self explanatory, as well as the volume settings Music next is display.

First, is main menu style style. 2. Is the organized style Music while style 1 is the most similar to the apple watch? Next we have is the brightness settings Music and lastly, screen timeout or how long the watch stays for next we have is international. This watch has different languages to choose from next. We have is reset, and, lastly, is about. It simply shows the details of the watch next feature is the sound recorder let’s, give it a go hello, guys what’s up. This is the kill awesome. Please do like and share and subscribe to my youtube channel. So, thank you very much. Next, we have is the app downloader, which simply shows a qr code that will direct us to the dedicated app of the watch. Next is alarm Music. Next, we have is the find my device which we have discussed earlier next, the remote capture which apparently doesn’t work, sadly Music, next stopwatch Music next is the calendar. Music. Next is the calculator which we have discussed earlier and, lastly, we have three social media accounts, twitter, facebook and whatsapp, but no, we can’t use this the traditional way. It is not a standalone app Music. The t500 smartwatch has a rechargeable battery, which has 230 milliamp hours and, to be honest, it doesn’t last a day like it used to be. It requires at least three times of charging, which is kind of a bummer being a person who is used to using the honor band 6, which can last longer than this Music so guys before.

We formally end this video if you are 8500 smartwatch user or you have used one. Please comment below your experiences with it: let’s communicate let’s socialize and have a community and help enlighten people planning to buy smart watches. Okay and lastly, guys if you want a shout out just comment below anything with the hashtag as the shout outs, so guys that’s pretty much the end of the video.