You are greeted with the smart watch at the center and the two rubber or silicon straps at the sides separated by a soft foam. The silicone band straps are detachable, which means you can easily change it to your favorite design and color later, but i’m satisfied with this pinkish color i’m in love with the rose gold, color and it’s. No doubt that the design of this mask watch was actually inspired by the apple watch series 5, which is not surprising because it is fun to always use apple, like products underneath a micro, usb cable attached to a magnetic charging dock which looks cool and finally, the User manual, which you should read so that you can know the full control functions that’s all we have in the box removing the sticker. You see the edge to edge display protection, but the display size is 1.54 inches and screen. Resolution is 240 by 240 square shape. Although the bases are quite bigger than what we have on the box, but this is a generic smartwatch, and so i don’t expect any premium display quality, but the color and contrast is actually good. You can also adjust the brightness level, which is high enough for easy visibility under sunlight when working out the touch response is also good. It supports multiple languages and it has bluetooth 4.0, which means the range is about 5 meters, which is manageable. The shiny and glossy frame is actually made from aluminium alloy, which gives it a premium look and feel fixing the flexible silicon.

Straps is very easy, with just sliding carefully through the right slot and same thing for the left slot. I love how it properly fits. My big wrist, the overall weight, is just 50 grams, which is lightweight at the back. Are the charging pins and the well designed sensor compartments with some specs inscriptions around it to the right? Is the power or home button with a regis label that has beauty to hit? It has a microphone to the side, and this is a dummy cutout, which is just there for fancy at the left. Side is just the cutout for the speaker. According to official specifications, it has ip67 rating, which means it is waterproof. You need to install the iwatch app, which provides more information and control over the smartwatch. It is preferable to spear through the iwatch app because it is faster, easier and you are done in just few seconds. Reconnection is also automatic and fast. You can also find your lost watch with the iwatch app and in return, find your smartphone with the watch, which is pretty standard but still cool. The iwatch app gives you access to choose which phone apps receives notifications through the watch, and it supports all hubs. It is prompt and accuracy when displaying notifications and, unlike how well it displays them for easy reading and understanding. One cool thing i noticed is that you can choose to open your notifications in the smartphone hubs through the smartwatch, which is efficient and amazing, depending on your mood or time of the day.

I love how you can easily switch between watch faces instantly without going through any extra steps that may discourage you. The iwatch app has some more cool watch faces which allows you to choose between a pointer dial and a digital dial watch face. It is easy to apply them and it just takes about 30 seconds to synchronize with the smart watch. It also allows you to use or apply a constant watch face from your photos or gallery which is so cool, but this digital dial takes about 80 seconds to synchronize with the smart watch. I am sure many of you will love this feature. Tapping on the watch face takes you to the default apple watch, style launcher, which gives a wider reach of apps at a glance, but you can always change it to any of this launcher or styles, which has larger icons for easy visibility. Swiping down shows to the notification panel and swiping up, takes you to the quick control panel, which gives you access to the bluetooth setting flashlight smartphone, finder calculator, alarm and main menu launcher styles. The smartwatch settings up are some interesting functions like bluetooth controls, volume, controls, sound alarm types and raise to wake lcd, which works accurately. According to my tests with good sensitivity, level that helps to save battery life, there’s also a remote shutter hub for taking photos with the smartwatch through the iwatch app, and it is so cool to see the live.

Camera footage in the smartwatch display which helps our guides. You to take better images: the bluetooth music app works. Fine, as you can easily control the volume play, pause and skip tracks, but it only plays the sound through the tiny smartwatch speaker, which is surprisingly audible, bots with low volume, as expected here’s a sample. It was done this way in order to fulfill the goal of replacing your smartphone as much as possible. The smartwatch also supports bluetooth command function, which allows you to access your phone call, logs contacts or phone book phone messages and make or receive calls through the smart watch. Apart from making calls with your phone book on call logs, you can also dial a number in the smartwatch and the microphone and speaker provides a good call quality. But the speaker’s sound is only loud and clear enough at up to two feet away from your ears. The steps and calorie counter gives you accurate readings, but the outreach and blood pressure monitors are a little off in its calculations, and i don’t advise you to rely on these readings. There is a motion record hub that shows information about your activity for the day and allows you to set your data and goals. There are up to 11 sports event tracking, which makes the smartwatch very flexible, and it easily gives a great calorie readings. Based on your particular sporting exercise, the iwatch app only keeps records of your steps, sleep, heart rate and blood pressure data.

The battery capacity is 180 milliamps and, from my experience, the battery life in bluetooth connection is about six to eight hours depending on your activity. But if you are just checking the time and steps counter without bluetooth connection, it can last you up to a day standby time is three days only the two tiny pins in the charging dock is magnetic, and so you need to always charge facing down with the Charging dock place on the surface for easier setting. There should have been a formal placement guide, but i would say i got the placement right: 8 out of 10 trials. The charging time is about 1 hour. There are other cool functions like the sedentary alert mode. This slip, tracker, alarm, clock stopwatch and sound recorder, which only performed one record due to low memory.