Okay, before going to the video, if you are new to our channel, make sure to subscribe, our channel and press the bell icon for more information, let’s go to the video Music Music let’s unbox, the both watches inside we have a belt. This is the cheapest belt. Comparing to these belts, you can see in this video i think, like these are cheap. Comparing to this and inside we have a charger wireless charger. This watch also have a wireless charger, but the plastic quality is good in t55, not in d500, and these are the watches, watches you can check. The d55 plus is a bit bulk. Comparing to this watch thickness is a little bit bulk, comparing to this uh t500 plus let’s turn on the watch, and this watch not have any button here, but here a mic. This watch have a fake button, it’s just a cutout rod button. Here we have a mic and back side. We have looks same cut out: big cutout, it’s, a small cotton speaker. I think it’s, a big speaker, it’s, a small speaker, okay, let’s turn on the watch and check out the functions. The charging and the booting speed is better in f, t55 plus because it’s too fast it’s asking password, i actually the password okay let’s check the watch faces. One first check this one, two, three, four, five, six: seven there are seven wallpapers one, two, three, four: five. Six: seven eight nine wallpapers in 500 and one more thing this watch have chrono working.

This watch chrono is not working, but you can customize wallpaper. Okay, the minus point is the chrono is working in this watch in this watch. Chrono is not working that’s. A minus point – the battery health, wise d5 plus, is best. You can see the smoothness. I will change the option. I will change to list one yeah okay, let’s check now, which is smoother. I think, in this round. The t500 was worn because it’s very smooth, but bad thing is the display. Clarity was not nice. I will show you. I think you are watching this. The display quality was not nice in t500, plus t55 plus is good, which is build call device. I think d5 is one because it’s solid piece strong. There is no sound here. You can see here a little bit sound and heart rate monitor both are the fake but let’s check both are fake sensors. It shows 83 bpm bits per minute and then t55, oh it’s. Finally, choosing the 79. Both are not accurate so for the health issue. If you want to buy don’t buy this watch it just for show off, like apple watch i’m using mc7 to pro. This is the best watch for show off: okay guys, if you, if you like this video, make sure to like the channel and some make sure to subscribe the channel and like the video and share this video with your friends and family.