This is josh here and for today’s videos, we’re going through the unboxing and our initial review of the t55 plus smartwatch. So i got this one guys uh i choppy for around 14. Yes, so that’s around 700 pesos, so let’s open it guys. But before that let’s look at the box first, so uh in the middle, so there’s smartwatch and then there’s also t55, plus branding on the left and on the right. As you can see, there is a g55 plus design there and on the sides we have series six and series 6 as well at the back guys so there’s, only some information there about the what’s inside okay, now let’s open it guys. Okay, so here is the manual okay. So yes, if you have any questions, just look at your manual it’s in english and also chinese okay, and here is the strap guys so it’s the same as the strap that we had before it’s in silicon and it’s in black guys. Okay – and we have the watch itself here so let’s put that aside, and we have also here the charger, so the charger guys it’s like a duck style, so you just have to place the watch and it will be charged okay. So those are the things in the box guys now let’s try to peel this off. Okay, okay, guys! So we have here, watch okay! It says there so let’s. Take that one out all right so guys it is heavy it’s, quite heavy, on the right.

So you have here the crown: okay and the microphone and on the sides we have this speaker grille and at the bottom, as you can see, the there are sensors and the charging area is here so let’s try to turn it on guys. Okay, guys. So i think it’s out of battery so let’s charge it first. Okay, so, as you can see guys, it is now charging and let’s just wait for a couple of minutes for us to turn it on guys. We’Re back so let’s try to turn it on Music. Okay, so upon opening guys or up and turning on we’ll, be greeted with this orange watch face so let’s try to check the different functions guys so let’s try to scroll to the right. Okay and as you can see, it gives us the shortcut and let’s try to scroll to the left. Okay, and you can change the watch face so let’s count how many watch faces does it have so let’s have one two three, four, five: six, seven, okay guys! So it has only seven watch faces: okay, it’s, not bad. Okay, now let’s try to scroll down guys there’s, none there’s, nothing. When we try to scroll down and let’s scroll up, okay, you will be directed to the notifications or to the shortcuts. So the bluetooth, okay and then the alarm or the. I think this is the do not disturb mode the brightness okay, and we also have here the flashlight and music, okay and also the the styles guys.

Okay, guys so in try to to tap it in the middle. So you will be directed to the different applications and let’s try to see guys the crown if it’s working okay guys. So as you can see, it is working which is nice guys, so let’s try to change the style so that we can properly view the applications. So let’s try to change it to the list. Change list style: okay, okay, so we have here guys the idle display so let’s check that feature. Okay, so that is the watch face, guys: okay and alarm. Okay, you can add the alarm if you want and we also have their messaging. Okay messaging call call logs and we also have their settings so let’s try to check the settings guys so in the settings. So we have their bluetooth settings okay and the clock. Okay time sync is on sound volume display it. It has the brightness and the screen time out and we also have here the language. So it is sync and it also in english – and you can have here the password guys so wow this is nice. So we will check that also and then reset and about okay, now, let’s move on to another application. We have here the dialer, okay, dialer phone book, remote capture like when you try to capture the picture remotely and we also have their bluetooth music. We have your bluetooth, remote notifier. We have calendar, also calculator, which is nice, and we also have there find my device.

So it just in case that you want to find your phone if it’s already connected, then you can use this feature and then we have quick response. So i think this is for the application on your phone. Okay and then we have here wake up gesture. So you can try to turn it on. Okay, let’s check the blood pressure, guys: okay, let’s tap on that one and let’s try to measure our blood pressure. Okay, it’s measuring and, as you can see, the sensors are lighting up. Okay, so here is our blood pressure, guys: okay, it’s 110 over 72., so it’s not bad guys, because actually, just yesterday i had my blood pressure taken and it was 111 over 70.. So it’s, not bad okay. So if you want me to have a comparison with our omron blood pressure, monitoring kit just comment down below, and we will actually do that as well. And then we we have here: uh, pedometer, okay, and we have sleep, monitor, okay, heart rate, so let’s check our heart rate, guys. Okay, so here is our blood. Uh. Here is our heart rate: it’s 84 bits per minute, so it’s, not bad. Okay, now let’s move on to blood oxygen level, so let’s try to check the blood oxygen Music, okay, so our blood oxygen level is at 98 percent, so it’s, not bad. Okay. Now let’s move on to okay, there’s drink guys so it’s. My first time to have this feature so let’s tap on that one.

Okay, so like it will give you a a notification that you have to drink okay. So if you want like after five minutes or two hours, so you can customize that one here this is nice guys because um for people like me, like uh. In my case, i have some problem with my stomach at the moment. So it is nice that uh some thing can remind us to drink water. Yes, so this is nice guys for your health. Now let’s move on to flying bird okay. I think this is the game. Okay. We also had this one before with other smartwatch just tap on the screen. Just you can play with like when you try to long press the screen. Okay, that’s nice. We have facebook, okay, so it’s nice. You will be notified once we connect this one to our smartphone. We have twitter and what’s up alright, so i think guys um. This is pretty good yeah, so let’s wear it okay. So here is our t55 plus smartwatch and uh. Yes, guys it looks nice and also it feels good it’s, not too heavy. Yes, so it’s also feels comfortable yes and, as you can see guys, this screen is also bright. Yes, okay. Now, in my opinion, guys with this with the price and also with the watch itself, it is really fashionable and if you just want a watch that has you know a feature with the same as the premium smartwatch.

But you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Then this one is good for you, okay and i will be testing this one out about its battery and what are the positive or the negative of this smartwatch after one week. I will be doing that as well and i will also let you know about my full review with this watch. Okay guys. So if you have any questions guys just you know, comment down below and if you like, this video guys kind of click the thumbs up and also consider subscribing okay, guys again, thank you guys so much for your support and we have already reached 10 000 subscribers And again, thank you. Thank you, thank you so for that, okay and uh.