In this video we are going to unbox the t55 plus smart watch and in 2019 and 2020, the most sold watch in market is t500 and t55. This is the upgraded version of d55 plus and this upgraded version of t500 plus we already reviewed on our channel link in description. You can check it, and this is a t55 plus in lost generation. They was giving two bells with this watch, one like edition belt. On simple box: okay, the best watchers and budget watchers in 2019 and 2020, and in 2021 they give the price for just 1600 rupees let’s check the the watches was for 1600 or not let’s, go to the video and inside we have the smartwatch. Okay, let’s keep it inside and check what’s inside other box. This is the silicon belt. This is a low quality built, not high quality belt, the cheapest quality belt and inside the box we have a wireless charger. Okay, let’s check the feature of the watch. Okay. This is the t55 plus watch. This is a 44 mm size and 44 mm belt. You can customize the belt also with 340 bills. The watch is little bit bulk, comparing to my fk, 75 and other watches. This watch is a little bit bulk. I will show you later and this was turned on let’s check. The watch faces 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 7 choices. There are seven watch faces in this watch in d550, d500.

Also, there are some more choices i think, but this watch we can customize the wallpaper, also let’s check it. Stadium, okay, let’s see the future. This watch have three minutes. Menu. Styles. First see the bubble view the bubble view was little bit laggy and list changes. Let’S check list view. Okay, the list view is working fine. I, like the rest view. Also, okay let’s check the future ideal display means this watch have site slide shared function also because nowadays, all watches giving this function alarm messaging call logs settings dialer let’s check about the crown is working. There is a plus point in this watch because in d500 plus there is just a single button crown not working just works a power button in about you can see. The device name is t55 plus okay, let’s back and this watch have password function. Let’S keep the password let’s check it working or not. Oh, this watch is working password lock also in t500, plus we not have that. We will put a video for t55 plus and t500 plus comparison, video, so stay tuned and subscribe to our channel and share with your friends and family. Okay, we have bluetooth option remote, notifier calendar calculator, siri, okay, this watch have siri, i mean voice assistant. This watch is suitable for android phone and ios iphones. Wake up, get your quick response, blood pressure. Yes, this is a fake sensor. You can see. There are disco lights in backside, monitor heart rate, sports blood, oxygen, drink, flappy, bird, sorry flying bird.

The game is called flappy bird only well. The this watch have a game for time pause. I got a one point: okay, let’s check, other what’s up twitter, facebook. I don’t know what is this. These are just messages. Notifications viewer, not a real app. The watch is worth or not for 1600 rupees let’s check comparing to the t500 plus. This watch is worth because this watch have chrono and better battery life than t500 plus. So if you want to buy this product all the links in description, i mean this is a shop okay, not amazon flipkart. I have given the whatsapp chat link. Okay, if you want, you can chat in whatsapp and you can buy this product cash on delivery available.