Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (FitBit Competitor) Smartwatch: Unboxing & Comparison Review

The original one got a huge firmware update that added this fun little rotating electronic bezel, just like on the active two got a video up on that. If you haven't seen it check it out in the meantime, here's the original review that we did with a few little additions, including a new link […]

MAJOR “WATCH ACTIVE” One Ui 1.5 UPDATE: Do not buy the Galaxy Watch Active 2 yet! Watch THIS VIDEO!

At smart watch ticks com you're, looking at the Galaxy watch, active 2 right here and I'm, not gon na take much of your time today. I have something very important to tell you and first of all, apologies for pulling off the video that I had up there that compared the original Galaxy watch […]

Samsung UPGRADED Galaxy Watch Active 2 (FitBit Competitor) Smartwatch: One Minute Review

Active we've been waiting for this it's, a regular Samsung Tison powered fitness sports SmartWatch. With that fun little bezel thing, not the physical one. You turn, but the little black bezel here becomes active when you touch it. You'Ve got all of this capability. All of these standard installed apps and you can play […]

SAME PRICE: Galaxy Watch Active vs Galaxy Gear S3 Smartwatch Quick Comparison, Which to Buy?

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (Amazon) Buying Link: SAMSUNG GEAR S3 Smartwatch Search (Amazon) Buying Links: All Samsung Smartwatches: Binge Watch All Galaxy Watch Reviews: Galaxy Watch 46mm Bluetooth: Galaxy Watch 46mm LTE: Galaxy Watch 42mm Bluetooth: Galaxy Watch 42mm LTE: Galaxy Watch 42mm LTE (Rose Gold): If you are interested in purchasing this Galaxy […]