2019 BEST Android Smartwatches: End Of Year Overview from LEMFO LEMT to KOSPET PRIME and More!

At SmartWatch, tix.com Mele Kalikimaka, everybody it's the end of the year. We are about to ease into 2020, so I want to give you a roundup on the state of the art of smartwatches. Is we finish out 2019? Maybe help you figure out where we're going and what you might want to get […]

Android Smartwatch Roundup 1st Quarter 2019: Which one do you want?

Visit the recently updated DTNO.1 sponsored “Smartwatch Resource Center” here: tinyurl.com/AndroidWatches and check the spreadsheet comparing all the currently available Android smartwatches. See SWT video reviews of Android watches here: Got a lead on a new watch to review? Tell us about it in the show notes below. Most of the watches I show here […]