Android Smartwatch Initial Setup Guide (with Factory Data Reset) featuring the Kronos Blade GENESIS

Org they're networking, together for providing full technical support for the Genesis SmartWatch, which is right here out of the box first time, it's being turned on what I want to tell you is there's some especial things you want to do. According to these guys and best practices of when you get your brand […]

Kronos Blade GENESIS Smartwatch Hardware Updates plus More on Camera Apps & Links to Actual Pictures

com. Ladies and gentlemen, the production genesis Smart Watch here it is gang. The official production version of the awesome genesis, Android standalone, SmartWatch phone with dual cameras. Amazing watch faces it's here it's. Actually, here I've got a couple of things. I wanted to point out to you on the production units that are […]

FUN Camera Apps for ALL Android Smartwatches PLUS New GENESIS Firmware Revealed (YES its shipping!)

Smart watch ticks comm you're. Looking at the Genesis and you're looking at the brand new firmware, we got some updates for you folks. The whole team has been participating in this when you're. Looking at our rods face you're looking at firmware that Pablo 11 code, designed with the folks in China you're looking […]

LEMFO LEM12 vs OUKITEL Z32 Dual Camera 3GB/32GB Smartwatches & 900 mAh Power Banks: Identical? No!

Do this you're here, because you want to know what's the difference really what's the difference. Is there a difference between the lympho lem 12 and the okie tell z 32? Can you see it yeah you're right? I haven't taken the screen protector off of the Z 32. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to […]

OUKITEL Z32 4G 3GB/32GB Android 7.1.1 Dual Cam Smartwatch 900mAh Power Bank: Unboxing & 1st Look

com. I got a fun unboxing for you today. Every little Chiclets you see here is part of this SmartWatch and this is a full, fledged Android, 7.1.1 SmartWatch with an extra large screen. Oh man, it's got a lot of great things going for it, let's unbox it check it out now. One of […]

OUKITEL Z32 4G 3GB/32GB Android 7.1.1 Dual Camera Smartwatch with 900 mAh Power Bank: Quick Overview

Earn $100 CASH: Be the first person to get a Kronos Blade GENESIS Android Smartwatch to do this…

I really really really want the best SmartWatch in the world and I'm that close from having it and you guys having it to solving this problem. We'Ll solve this for all of us. Let me lay the foundation for you. Here'S three watches the cost pet prime, the lympho lem 12, and the genesis […]

LEMFO LEM12 4G 3GB/32GB Android 7.1.1 Dual Cam Smartwatch 900mAh Power Bank: Unboxing & 1st Look

com and today we are celebrating the first Android SmartWatch to appear after the big breakout of the coronavirus in China. Things are starting to resume to normal, see over there and to prove it. We'Ve got a brand new lympho SmartWatch in here. This is the lympho lem 12 you're all familiar with the […]

LEMFO LEM12 4G 3GB/32GB Android 7.1.1 Dual Camera Smartwatch with 900 mAh Power Bank: Quick Overview

1.1. With all the features we've come to know, one expect notifications, an app drawer with face unlock and fitness activity available.

Top Android Smartwatches Compared for Video/Audio/Battery: LEMT, MAX, GENESIS, PRIME, THOR 5 PRO, ++

Face Unlock Setup for TICWRIS MAX (Like LEMFO LEM T) 2.86 inch Screen Smartwatch

It'S smart watch ticks calm, really glad you're interested in this large format, style of watch, the lympho lem T and the tick wrist max. This video is going to show you how to set up your tick wrists for face recognition, it's a little bit tricky, which is why we're doing a whole video […]

TICWRIS MAX (Like LEMFO LEM T) 2.86 Screen 2880mAh 8MP Camera 4G 3G+32G Smartwatch: Unbox & 1st Look

At smart watch, ticks comm we're, starting to see a pattern. Folks, well a repeat of a repeat of a pattern. Somebody comes out with an incredible watch. After a few months, some company we've never heard of comes out with an exact copy of that incredible watch at a cheaper price and maybe a […]