Animal Crossing, Joe Biden, Nintendo The Most CURSED Chart In Video Game History

Thanks to mr spookypants on twitter, hey we’re, pushing hard to reach 1 million subscribers by christmas, we’re 400 short today, if you’re watching and you aren’t yet subscribed there’s a red subscribe button right below the video. It would be absolutely amazing if you feel like i’ve earned it if you click that button […]

Animal Crossing, Joe Biden can Elections are coming to an Animal Crossing island near you!

s politicians are using animal crossing as a place to hold rallies and as a place to collect votes, and it just doesn’t sit well with me. Joe biden sets up his own animal crossing island for the presidential campaign. The american election for present is well underway and democratic nominee. Joe biden has an […]

Animal Crossing, Joe Biden, Kinda Funny When Vikings Met Native Americans: The Voyage of Thorvald Erikson

And if you don’t, they’ll, burn your house down, though i love taking part in all these wonderful magical holiday. Festivities, i especially look forward to my annual leaf erickson day special, where i share amazing adventurous stories of the norse exploration of north america. With my gracious viewers last year, i told you about […]