Apple TV, Sony, Smart TV, Android TV, Television set KYWORTH 55SUC6500 UNBOXING: FIRST ANDROID 10 TV!

Actually this is my first time following the maga unboxing and gaga and ling review tv sobering excited now and actually i find it very challenging, but yeah let’s get to the unboxing all right guys. All right actually guys this is the sky worth 55 suc, 6500 55 inch, actually guys. This is claimed […]

Apple TV, Sony, Smart TV, Television set, Android TV Bravia 43 inch Full HD Smart TV W66 (2020 Variant) – If Quality is your Priority 🔥

This is a 43 inch. Full hd, smart tv from sony and i’m really excited to see how this stacks up so without wasting any time let’s unbox it set it up and see how it performs. I’Ll also share the price and availability towards the end of this video so continue watching. But before […]

Apple TV, Sony, Smart TV NEW Apple TV Is Coming! Here Is What To Expect: A14, Updated Remote, & More!

I know things look a little different around here, depending on when this video goes live. This may or may not be the first video you guys are seeing of me and our new studio, setup and don’t worry. We have more coming down the line we’re going to clean up the set here, a […]