apple iPhone 13: the END of Samsung?

The two companies have been embroiled in this bitter feud for years constantly taking shots at the other, but now with the launch of the iphone 13 coming soon, is now a chance for apple to finally end samsung for good, or has this just become one of those Things like a lot of stuff […]

iOS, iPhone, Home screen, Apple 10 Tips For Using iPhone Home Screen Widgets

com let’s. Take a look at some tips for using widgets on your iphone in ios 14.. Music macmost is brought to you. Thanks to a great group of more than 750 supporters, go to patreon there. You can read more about the patreon campaign, join us and get exclusive content, and course discounts. […]

Apple, AirPods, iPhone Forget iPhone 12 Mini – Buy The Cheapest iPhone 11 Ever

I see iphone 10s max macbook pro and so on. The point is, as a tech enthusiast, i want to see the best technology can offer at the moment, but if i have to personally buy a new iphone in the upcoming sale, i will go with iphone 11. Over the iphone 12 mini here’s, […]

Apple, iPhone, 5G 12 with 5G: Watch the entire world-first reveal here

We are very excited about 5g on iphone and we’re, going to introduce 5g across our entire lineup of new iphone models today. So now i’d like to show you the very first iphone with 5g Music, hey Music, Music, introducing iphone 12. to tell you all about it. I’D like to hand it over […]

iPhone, Apple, Smartphone 12: So günstig wird es & Faltbares Apple-Smartphone? | Technikliebe News #6

Vielleicht das ende der neid reihe bedeuten knnte wer es noch nicht gesehen hat der schaut mal hier oben in die, infokarte und wir haben diesem, video 120 verlost leider hat sich der gewinner hier nicht innerhalb von zwei, wochen gemeldet was bedeutet dass wir das, handy neu, verlosen Werden neu teilnehmen geht leider nicht, […]

Apple, iPhone, iPad 3 OS 14.2 Beta 3 is Out! – What's New?

Aaron here for Zollotech and today Apple released iOS 14.2 beta three to developers.. Now this will probably be out to public beta testers soon and along with this Apple sort of released, iOS 14.1.. So 14.1 was released in the sense that it was on their website, but it wasn’t available for the general […]

iOS, iPhone, Apple, Home screen What's on my iPhone | My iOS 14 Setup | Digital Minimalist

Some of you have been asking what’s on my phone with the recent introduction of ios 14. It took me a few days to figure out how this new update can aid me to create my minimalist iphone. I have to say it’s a gift from apple to us, minimalist so it’s the best time […]

Apple, AirPods, iPhone, HomePod Entire Apple Event for iPhone 12 and HomePod Mini in 7 Minutes!

The homepod mini offers 360 degree sound and is powered by the s5 chip, coupled with what apple is calling computational audio to help deliver users the best, sound and performance. From a speaker, this small much like the original homepod, you can pair two homepod minis together for stereo sound and the u1 chip, […]

iOS, Spotify, Software widget, Apple, iPhone Top 25 – iOS 14 Home Screen WIDGETS !

Now, with the release of ios 14, a ton of apps have been updated and released to support home screen, widgets and also pretty cool widgets that you can install on your ios 14 device. So in this video i will show you guys the top 25 of these widgets, that you can install on […]

Apple, iPhone 12 event in under 12 minutes

, I am so glad you could join us. Today. I’m excited to introduce the newest addition to the HomePod family.. This is HomePod mini., Narrator, It’s, wrapped in a beautiful seamless mesh fabric. That not only looks great but was created specifically for its acoustic performance. On top of HomePod mini is a backlit […]

iPhone, iOS, Home screen, Apple 14 iPhone Homescreen frei personalisieren | So einfach geht's!

Ich dann noch davor zeige, ich euch noch was ich je gemacht habe das sind natrlich beispiel das ist reine geschmackssache wie man, sich das, gestalten, mchte man, hat hier, wie, schon, gesagt, freie, personalisierungsmglichkeiten, das, heit man, kann, sich, das, sowieso, so gestalten wie man will ich tausche Setzt man hier die, ios app […]

Apple, Epic Games, Fortnite, App Store, iOS Mobile NEWS UPDATE! (Fortnite Mobile APPSTORE RETURN Release Date)

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