Got a Cold, Flu, Virus, or Worse? Remote Smartwatch Monitors for Temp/ECG/Pulse/BP/Blood Oxygen/More

com. This is a health band, and today i want to talk to you about looking at health bands from a different perspective. Now healthband is not so much a fitness band, although it can do step count and calories, and things like that, but it's more of an instrument for taking your heart rate. […]

Bakeey W3 Smartwatch with ALL THIS: ECG/Pulse/BP/HRV/Sleep Apnea/SpO2/More: Quick Overview

You have a little bit of sporting activity capability in here that you can do and a full on ecg test with the electrical plates at the bottom and a ring here that allows you to produce an ecg chart that is visible on the uh on the app Itself, you have messages and a […]