Black Friday, Discounts and allowances, Cyber Monday, Best Buy How to get the BEST DEALS on Amazon Prime Day 2020 — 5 Tips

Amazon pushed it back this year and it officially is happening october 13th and 14th 2020, and i am fired up because in this video i’m gon na be sharing five tips on how you can get the best deals on amazon prime day this year, i’ve got a Full training for you and i’m […]

Galaxy Gear S3 Smartwatch now Better than Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) after “One UI” Firmware Update

This is the original Samsung Galaxy gear s3. Classic. Has that rotating dial that lets you go back and forth to different widgets across it? You can get it in the frontier as well, which is a little bit gnarly or knob on it a little bit easier to rotate. The classy is, of course, […]