FIVE Special Apps to Customize your PRIME 2, THOR 6, LEM12 PRO ( and ALL Android 7-10 Smartwatches)

FINOW SMARTWATCH CONTEST: WIN $0.99 Coupon for YOUR CHOICE of G36, K21, FK78, K15, P40, GT2 Watches

On november, the 1st 2020 going for seven days, it'll end on november 7th and in that time what you got to do is simply create a comment under this video, and in that comment we want you to answer the question. If i win, i will choose and didn't define which model number you […]

Personal Thermal Infrared Imager shows highest/lowest body temperature of people near you.

com. I have a tool here that I just got that I'm gon na be using in upcoming reviews of smartwatches in particular, to determine whether or not when they're put under high intensity use like game playing or videos that you could actually check them and see how hot They'Re getting now, I know […]

AMAZFIT BIP/BIP LITE vs. KOSPET DK08: Which is Best for the Price?

We are a YouTube channel on the web at SmartWatch. Tix.Com. Are you seeing the screen here? This is the COS pet DK 0 8, and we have already reviewed this one and you guys are amazing. You keep saying, looks like a pip smells like a bit when I look it, it almost tastes […]