FITBIT SENSE Fitness Smartwatch Close Look at Mr. Ticks’ Favorite FREE 3rd Party Custom Apps

com i'm, taking you into the fitbit app into account into synths and into apps, because today, we're going to talk about mr tick's favorite, free apps, yep going to go to all apps And show you a variety of them that you could download and install into your fitbit sense. Now we've reviewed a […]

FITBIT SENSE Fitness Smartwatch: Detailed Look at the Phone Tethering App

FITBIT SENSE Fitness Smartwatch Detailed Overview and Close Look at Installed Apps

com we're, going to take a deep look at yep, the fitbit. Since what do you mean that's? Not the fitbit, since, of course it is it's just in a special housing check this out, yep. We are going to talk about all kinds of different band options today, as well. Starting with this one […]

WITHINGS “Sleep Tracking Mat” monitors sleep cycles, tracks heart rate, detects snoring over WiFi!

com. We do all kinds of wearables here and today we're going to do something that i got to be honest with. You is not a wearable yeah, but it's it's in alignment with our channel, because uh one of the things that we do is review, watches that profess to uh check your sleep […]

FITBIT SENSE GPS Track BTCall AFib&ECG Stress Mgmt Skin Temp Fitness Smartwatch: Unboxing & 1st Look

You are going to see coming up right now. The amazing fitbit synths, smart fitness health. You name it device, you wear it on your arm and you just go for it later we're going to be talking about something that can actually assess your snore detection, heart rate, uh, lowest and averages your sleep […]

FITBIT SENSE GPS Track BT Call AFib & ECG Stress Mgmt Skin Temp Fitness Smartwatch: Quick Overview

Heart rate, blood oxygen levels range over your last night's sleep and more. You have access to notifications pushed to you from your phone and the ability to reply to them using your voice. If you want to or just pick a custom reply, you also have all these different controls for when you're going […]

OURA RING Accurate Activity and Sleep Tracker you Wear on your Finger: Extensive Review & Testing

Here it is absolutely here the reviews ready and I held off until I could negotiate a really good discount for you guys and if you want to pick this ring up and use this link. 50 bucks you'll get 50 off your purchase, that's right or a ring. Comm slash partners, slash mr. tix. […]

OURA RING Accurate Activity and Sleep Tracker you Wear on your Finger: Quick Overview

This is a data collection, node filled with a copious amount of sensors inside that can collect data from your body, while you sleep and while you're awake, it puts all that data by transfer to an app on your phone that's where the magic lies here's. A quick look at the app you have […]