Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G LTE WearOS Smartwatch: Quick Guide to Verizon Activation

Verizon is gon na. Let us activate the tick watch Pro 4G LTE. Are we excited or what huh, but before we do that you got ta answer these questions. Do you wan na wear OS smart watch? If you do, do you wan na tick watch Pro and if that's true, do you want […]

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G LTE WearOS Smartwatch: All about the NEW SIM Calling Feature

We are a YouTube channel on the web. Smart watch ticks calm and this is the tick watch. The tick watch Pro the tick watch Pro 4G LTE, and this video is all about that last mumbo jumbo it's. All about phone calling texting and data connection using the 4G LTE network which this tick […]

FREEDOM POP: Free 200 Min Calls, 500 Texts, 200MB 4G Data Monthly for your Android Smartwatch!

Please use this link to explore Freedom Pop and set up your free monthly service: Thank you! Follow guidance in this video very carefully to insure your account remains free after the initial purchase of your SIM and smartwatch phone number (approx, $20 setup cost). Remember, you must DOWNGRADE your plan to FREE after receiving […]

Android Smartwatch Roundup 1st Quarter 2019: Which one do you want?

Visit the recently updated DTNO.1 sponsored “Smartwatch Resource Center” here: and check the spreadsheet comparing all the currently available Android smartwatches. See SWT video reviews of Android watches here: Got a lead on a new watch to review? Tell us about it in the show notes below. Most of the watches I show here […]