Summer 2020 Top Flagship Android Smartwatches Compared: Genesis, LEM12, Prime, S08, Thor 5 Pro

com today, we're taking the five top flagship, Android standalone, SmartWatch phones and we're gon na we're, going to do the left right, brain integration and try to give you some facts, but mostly Give you the the feel for these different watches. They are all awesome. Watches I've tried to line them up by […]

LEMFO LEM12 vs OUKITEL Z32 Dual Camera 3GB/32GB Smartwatches & 900 mAh Power Banks: Identical? No!

Do this you're here, because you want to know what's the difference really what's the difference. Is there a difference between the lympho lem 12 and the okie tell z 32? Can you see it yeah you're right? I haven't taken the screen protector off of the Z 32. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to […]

Kronos Blade GENESIS. LEMFO LEM12, and Kospet PRIME (aka AllCall AWATCH GT) Compared: Which is Best?

At smart watch ticks calm. This is a special comparison, video introducing the brand new lympho le m12 Android standalone SmartWatch phone in comparison with its peers. The two top tiered flagship phones from Chronos blade the Genesis right here and from cost pet, the prime. Now you notice right off the bat that there's […]

Kronos Blade GENESIS vs Kospet PRIME (aka AllCall AWATCH GT) Part 2: Battery Life & Wrist Twists

com and we're back with part two of the showdown between the COS pet Prime and the Kronos Blade Genesis. These two watches are phenomenal flagship, watches and we're shaking down some of the features in them, and I got to tell you we're, probably gon na have a part 3 as well. We'Ll see […]

Kronos Blade GENESIS vs Kospet PRIME (aka AllCall AWATCH GT) Part 1: The Basic Comparison

A youtube channel on the web at smart watch ticks calm today. Today is the big square off between the two trailblazing flagship smartwatches on the market. At the moment, in this corner, we have the COS pet prime it's, a revolutionary, very large, beautiful SmartWatch competing now face to face with the Kronos Blade […]

AMAZFIT BIP/BIP LITE vs. KOSPET DK08: Which is Best for the Price?

We are a YouTube channel on the web at SmartWatch. Tix.Com. Are you seeing the screen here? This is the COS pet DK 0 8, and we have already reviewed this one and you guys are amazing. You keep saying, looks like a pip smells like a bit when I look it, it almost tastes […]


com and today, we're gon na answer that burning question for you one way or the other, should you buy the kos pet prime or the Thor 5 row. Both of them are awesome, watches and I get asked all the time which one is the best Android SmartWatch it's down to these two folks, […]

ALFAWISE i7E and BAKEEY V19 Atrial Fibrillation ECG IP68 Waterproof Sports Fitness Bands: Compared

com. You have seen the reviews of the i7 II and the V 19, and now you want to know which one of these awesome amazing, new technology devices. You should buy I'm going to go through that with you in just a second after I mentioned that both of these incredible bands are available […]

HUAWEI BAND 3 PRO / XIAOMI MI BAND 4 / AMAZFIT COR 2 Compared: Which is Best?

That is totally amazing. If you told me four and a half years ago, and I started playing with this channel that this day would come, I would go where's my banana split. I want to celebrate and that's what mrs. sticks and I are gon na. Do we set that aside? As a special […]

Android Smartwatch BATTERY LIFE Testing: LEM9/Optimus Pro/Thor5 and MORE!

Welcome back. When you hear me say yikes, it usually means I screwed up, and I did you guys, I hope, just finished, watching that massive review comparison of all of these dual processor, Android, watches and where's the battery. I keep getting as where's the battery it's like. I did a whole segment on […]

MASSIVE Android Smartwatch COMPARISON: LEM9/Optimus Pro/Thor5 and MORE!

Everybody you're watching SmartWatch dicks were a YouTube channel on the web at SmartWatch. Tix.Com takes you right into us. This is the video we talked about making for a while. Now it is the quintessential comparison, video primarily between the three latest flagship Android standalone smartwatches, that incorporate two processors inside of them a […]

NEW Galaxy Watch vs Galaxy Gear S3 Smartwatch Quick Comparison: Is The New Model Worth The Price?

All Samsung Smartwatches: SAMSUNG GEAR S3 Smartwatch Search (Amazon) Buying Links: Galaxy Watch 46mm Bluetooth: Galaxy Watch 46mm LTE: Galaxy Watch 42mm Bluetooth: Galaxy Watch 42mm LTE: Galaxy Watch 42mm LTE (Rose Gold): Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (Amazon) Buying Link: Binge Watch All Galaxy Watch Reviews: If you are interested in purchasing this Galaxy […]