Solid-state drive, Dynamic random-access memory, Computer memory, Integrated circuit 中国芯片真是遍地骗局吗?第三次全民造芯热潮,早已不是大炼钢铁时代!从地方经济到产业集群渗透二级市场的合肥模式,造就了长鑫与长江和粤芯。县域恶性竞争、落后技术、畸形市场造就弘芯、德科码、成都格芯大烂尾。

Please also subscribe and click on the little bell on the right. Wuhan Hongxin is rumored to be unfinished Industry shock In an uproar. This is not a small project. At the beginning of its establishment three years ago, It is the hope of the whole village It’s rich. The total planned investment is as […]