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Wellue FDA Approved Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor with ECG/EKG Charts: Unboxing and 1st Look

Also from well. You it's, called the visual beat, looks like this we've reviewed it already. This is the little module that straps onto a chest strap that you wear to get heart rate and ecg readings, and this baby just may have saved my life yeah. I got a story to tell you at […]

Wellue VisualBeat™ Wearable Heart Rate ECG/EKG Chest Strap both ANT+ and Bluetooth: Quick Review

com. I'Ve got something in here that a lot of you guys have actually been asking for um, something that can augment what you can do with your smart watch and give you all kinds of capabilities, and this can do it and it's brand spanking new it's. A a uh, what you call a […]

RUNDOING NY06 IP68 Waterproof Continuous Heart Rate/Blood Pressure Smartwatch: Unboxing and 1st Look

This has the NY 0 6 in it. Wow this thing is cool. Oh yeah, smart watch ticks calm. That'S our web address gets you right here to the YouTube channel gon na unbox this and show you that run doing has outdone themselves again this about 20 25 bucks somewhere in that range is […]

RUNDOING NY06 IP68 Waterproof Continuous Heart Rate/Blood Pressure Smartwatch: One Minute Overview

You can calculate and track your step count daily. Your distance, traveled and calories burn. You also have blood pressure capability on this device to get your systolic diastolic. Reading your pulse or heart rate is captured, and you have last night's sleep time if you take it to bed with you. Some features that […]