Daredevil, Fortnite, Galactus, Marvel Cinematic Universe ALACTUS Live Event Prank in Fortnite

We have a fake creative map with the live event and we are going to convince lox that this is a beta version of the live event itself. We have him in a battle lab facing the star and i told him there’s something crazy about to happen. I have no idea how he’s going […]


If you want this gift, then like and subscribe in the next five seconds and the next time you log into fortnite, this gift will be there. Hey guys welcome back to a brand new fortnite battleground video in this video i’ll be showing you how to get the new marvel. X49 crossover skin, which […]

Fortnite, Epic Games, Daredevil, Battle royale game How To Get The DAREDEVIL Skin For FREE In Fortnite! (Daredevil Cup Date & Information)

So, as you can see right here, this is what he looks like. It says. The man without fear, be the first to get the daredevil outfit by competing in the daredevil trio’s cup, featuring the marvel knockout ltm on 10 14.. So first and foremost, 10 14 is two days away. That’S this wednesday […]

Fortnite, Daredevil, Epic Games, Battle royale game How To Play The 'DareDevil' Cup In Fortnite! (Free Skin + $1,000,000 Prizepool)

I want to do a quick one for all of you to let all of you watching know that there’s a new cup starting in the game in literally two days time, that’s right guys. The official fortnight competitive page on twitter literally announced this earlier today and well. As you can see, it’s a […]