Nvidia RTX, Graphics processing unit, GeForce 20 series, Video card, Gaming computer, Dell YOU GOT AN NVIDIA RTX 3090 BUT HAD TO BUY A PRE-BUILT PC

I was able to actually get one from doing one of these notification emails and it’s a little surprising because, yes, it came from a pre built, so let’s talk about how at msrp i was able to actually get a 30 90 let’s get into it. Music, hey guys thiago with classical technology. If […]

GeForce 20 series, Nvidia RTX, Video card, Gaming computer, Dell Will the GTX 1650 Super GPU work in a Dell Inspiron 3671 desktop without PSU upgrade?

That only has a 290 watts psu. This is the asus 1650 super phoenix. I received from amazon let’s open the package. This is the card, so it’s a phoenix version, 1650 super from asus. It has four gigabyte jddr6. I chose the phoenix model from asus on purpose because it has only one fan, […]