ERGON BAND™ Revisited: The First ERGONOMIC Revolutionary Watch Band you Wear around your Thumb 👍

The review greetings and welcome back to smartwatch ticks we're a youtube channel on the web at we're back we're back again with ergon band they've been around for a couple of years now perfecting their product and they have really polished it. The ergon ban is an ergonomic designed special band that you […]

ERGON BAND™ KICKSTARTER LAUNCH: The First ERGONOMIC Watch Band you Wear around your Thumb

Yes, today is Valentine's Day and in celebration of the launch of the Ergun band Kickstarter program. You know that one here's one right here we have a special Valentine's present inside here. Is the box containing the latest organ band? Are you ready for this and, of course, Valentine's red? Remember, they're amazing packaging, […]

ERGON BAND™: The First ERGONOMIC Revolutionary Watch Band you Wear on your Wrist

Why are they just now? Thinking of this well greetings. Everybody and welcome to smart watch ticks were a youtube channel on the web. At smart watch ticks calm, and I want to show you a letter. This is something well. We haven't seen this technology for a while, alright I'm, not the only one […]

ZEBLAZE THOR 5 PRO Face Unlock Removable Bands AlwaysOn Display Smartwatch: 20191213 Firmware Update

New Android Watch Faces with Active Complications and Animation (Plus a Surprise!)

Tix.Com we're here not to talk about this, but to talk a little bit about this on this kos pet prime, is the original face designed by Tim and Pierce Collins, hi piers, my family. The Collins clan have come up with something new and I just wanted to show it to you briefly. They'Ve […]