WIN one of 3 New LEMFO LEM12PRO Smartwatches! Android 10 Octa-core MT6762 Processor 4GB+64GB Storage

com there's, a new kid on the block and this isn't it. This is the original lympho lem12, but there's a pro version coming that looks identical to this one. However, it's going to be equipped with a whole new processor, an mt6762 it's going to have. Are you ready, four gigabytes of ram and […]

WIN one of 10 New KOSPET PRIME 2 Smartwatches! Android 10 Octa-core 4GB+64GB 2.1” Display16GB Camera

Today we just have a quick announcement for you about a contest that's happening over in the tech community at full, android watches. This is the web address, they've set up,, win costpet prime 2, and all of the information of what's needed for you to compete to pick up one of the 10 […]

MAXTOP Y13 Smartwatch Giveaway for Aspiring Smartwatch Reviewers!

This might be just right for you greetings and welcome to smart watch ticks we're a YouTube channel on the web at smart watch, ticks comm, and today, we're gon na show you how you could get yourself a free, smart watch and a really nice one. Actually, this one right here to be exact: […]

FREEDOM POP: Free 200 Min Calls, 500 Texts, 200MB 4G Data Monthly for your Android Smartwatch!

Please use this link to explore Freedom Pop and set up your free monthly service: Thank you! Follow guidance in this video very carefully to insure your account remains free after the initial purchase of your SIM and smartwatch phone number (approx, $20 setup cost). Remember, you must DOWNGRADE your plan to FREE after receiving […]