Kingwear KW37 PRO Temperature Blood Pressure IP68 Waterproof Health Smartwatch: Quick Overview

Your health care, with love story of Sports sunfat. Welcome Running cycling, whitening And enforce live stream reports for details of areas with the smarter, passionate our first use Stickers, Floor, flashlight, free time, walking, dead and What's is awful. Things Are you sleeping comic and health system is a very Bear brother and produces […]

Bakeey F22 Immunity Monitoring Blood Pressure IP67 Waterproof Health Smartwatch: Unboxing & 1st Look

A youtube channel on the web at got a fun immunity. Coronavirus ready, smart watch here for you to take a look at you notice how we're getting all these new uh technologies for monitoring your wellness against disease that are appearing on the market. We'Re going to take a look at this, but […]

Bakeey F22 Immunity Monitoring Blood Pressure IP67 Waterproof Health Smartwatch: Quick Overview

So whenever you turn the watch on by doing your arm twist, you're going to get a different display than the one that you've chosen when you swipe down, you have a flashlight that lights. The screen up white, your brightness level and overall, do not disturb, along with the time and power level that's […]

Got a Cold, Flu, Virus, or Worse? Remote Smartwatch Monitors for Temp/ECG/Pulse/BP/Blood Oxygen/More

com. This is a health band, and today i want to talk to you about looking at health bands from a different perspective. Now healthband is not so much a fitness band, although it can do step count and calories, and things like that, but it's more of an instrument for taking your heart rate. […]

Bakeey W3 Smartwatch with ALL THIS: ECG/Pulse/BP/HRV/Sleep Apnea/SpO2/More: Quick Overview

You have a little bit of sporting activity capability in here that you can do and a full on ecg test with the electrical plates at the bottom and a ring here that allows you to produce an ecg chart that is visible on the uh on the app Itself, you have messages and a […]

Wellue Checkme™LITE Heart Rate, ECG, SpO2, FDA Listed Medical Grade Device: Unboxing & 1st Look

com inside this pouch is something you've seen before this is the well you pulse bit exu. Remember this puppy preak ovid, which we could use to touch your hand and get an ECG chart. Wow have things changed over time? This thing is still available, but it's definitely been upgraded again. This is the […]

Could wearables like Apple Watch, Fitbit fitness trackers help detect coronavirus? New Studies!

com unusual times, we're living in right now, while we're filming this we are approaching apex is all over the place of the coronavirus hitting mostly the United States, but the whole world as Well, and sometimes you feel helpless when this is going on, but there is a way each and every one of […]

Wellue Checkme™Pro ECG, SpO2, Temperature, Blood Pressure Medical Grade Device: Unboxing & 1st Look

com. I got a box here, and this is really really something interesting and special for these challenging times. This actually is a wearable there's, a mode that you can wear it on your arm and look at the screen and it's a clock, so it qualifies as a SmartWatch but it's way way more […]

Inexpensive Accurate Heart Rate Smartwatches uses ECG for Fast Response Time (Three videos in ONE)!

Two of them are shown here. The takeaway from the videos you're about to see is that when it comes to heart rate, there's something more important than accuracy to some people and that's timeliness, a digital watch, a smart watch should be able to produce accurate heart rate and heart rate that matches where […]

Wellue Pulsebit™EX Personal ECG/EKG Monitor with Large Display: Unboxing and Review

At smart watch ticks comm. I was gon na hold off on talking about these until early next year, but they are so cool and it's the holiday buying season, when this is being recorded, that I just want to show them to you get the ball started in case they're of interest. For you […]

Wellue O2Ring™ Smart Ring Dynamic HR, Blood Oxygen, Sleep Apnea, Vibrate Alarm: Unboxing and Review

Ask him about it and go on over to health comm to get more information. This review will give you some good information, but of course you can get deeper information contacting them directly and that's. One of the highlights I want to talk about you're, not gon, na find this stuff from our […]

Bakeey P11 Atrial Fibrillation ECG IP67 Waterproof Health Fitness Band: Unboxing and 1st Look

At smart watch ticks calm and we are unboxing a really fun fitness health band. That odd does a whole bunch of cool stuff here's. Some of the functions, ECG detection, heart rate, monitoring, blood pressure. All that good stuff, with the caveat that none of this, has been verified as accurate, so you're using […]