Huawei P30 Pro Review – Smartphone Camera Revolution?

Here is ten times hybrid, and here is 50 times digital zoom from the huawei p30 Pro that's, pretty incredible, I would say so. The huawei p30 pro is a great device, but it has a lot more other features besides its powerful camera setup. Let'S. Take a look. This phone is all about design, […]

Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Which Flagship is Best For You?

Just before we start I'll try to make this video as short as possible, and if you have any questions about either phone don't hesitate to use the comment section down below and subscribe to the channel while you're. There also check out detailed reviews of both the p30 Pro and the s10 and you'll […]

Huawei P30 Pro vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro – Which Huawei Is Best For You?

I wanted to compare the p30 Pro to the Wow's made series flagship in the may 20 pro. First of all, the price and the May 20 Pro is about 200 bucks cheaper than the p30 Pro. I will leave a few product links down below the video in terms of designed. Both phones look […]

Huawei P30 Review – Better Than the P30 Pro?

This phone is much cheaper, more compact, and it even has some advantages over his bigger brother, like a headphone jack let's, take a look Music, the phone ships with all the usual stuff and some extra security, soft TPU case and a pair of earphones. However, the rest of accessories may vary depending on […]