KronosBlade JANUS Dual 4G Smartwatch: Fitness/GPS Integration Update

Today cuz I got some great announcements for you: Jason behind Kronos blade who brought us. The Janus watch got some update news for you guys and hopefully it's gon na, like echo through the whole Android watch market. This is why it's so valuable to work with somebody that's actually in Shenzhen, China, that […]

KronosBlade JANUS Dual 4G Smartwatch is Thor 4 Dual + Thor Pro 1.6″ Screen: One Minute Overview

It has dual cameras here: front facing and side and it's a 1.6 inch super sized Android SmartWatch. It runs Android 7.1.1 and it does all the complement of things we've. Seen on this kind of a watch, including all your step, count information notifications, an app door drawer with all the different options and […]