Summer 2020 Top Flagship Android Smartwatches Compared: Genesis, LEM12, Prime, S08, Thor 5 Pro

com today, we're taking the five top flagship, Android standalone, SmartWatch phones and we're gon na we're, going to do the left right, brain integration and try to give you some facts, but mostly Give you the the feel for these different watches. They are all awesome. Watches I've tried to line them up by […]

OUKITEL Z32 4G 3GB/32GB Android 7.1.1 Dual Cam Smartwatch 900mAh Power Bank: Unboxing & 1st Look

com. I got a fun unboxing for you today. Every little Chiclets you see here is part of this SmartWatch and this is a full, fledged Android, 7.1.1 SmartWatch with an extra large screen. Oh man, it's got a lot of great things going for it, let's unbox it check it out now. One of […]

OUKITEL Z32 4G 3GB/32GB Android 7.1.1 Dual Camera Smartwatch with 900 mAh Power Bank: Quick Overview

Kronos Blade GENESIS. LEMFO LEM12, and Kospet PRIME (aka AllCall AWATCH GT) Compared: Which is Best?

At smart watch ticks calm. This is a special comparison, video introducing the brand new lympho le m12 Android standalone SmartWatch phone in comparison with its peers. The two top tiered flagship phones from Chronos blade the Genesis right here and from cost pet, the prime. Now you notice right off the bat that there's […]