Android Smartwatch Initial Setup Guide (with Factory Data Reset) featuring the Kronos Blade GENESIS

Org they're networking, together for providing full technical support for the Genesis SmartWatch, which is right here out of the box first time, it's being turned on what I want to tell you is there's some especial things you want to do. According to these guys and best practices of when you get your brand […]

Kronos Blade GENESIS Smartwatch Hardware Updates plus More on Camera Apps & Links to Actual Pictures

com. Ladies and gentlemen, the production genesis Smart Watch here it is gang. The official production version of the awesome genesis, Android standalone, SmartWatch phone with dual cameras. Amazing watch faces it's here it's. Actually, here I've got a couple of things. I wanted to point out to you on the production units that are […]

FUN Camera Apps for ALL Android Smartwatches PLUS New GENESIS Firmware Revealed (YES its shipping!)

Smart watch ticks comm you're. Looking at the Genesis and you're looking at the brand new firmware, we got some updates for you folks. The whole team has been participating in this when you're. Looking at our rods face you're looking at firmware that Pablo 11 code, designed with the folks in China you're looking […]

Earn $100 CASH: Be the first person to get a Kronos Blade GENESIS Android Smartwatch to do this…

I really really really want the best SmartWatch in the world and I'm that close from having it and you guys having it to solving this problem. We'Ll solve this for all of us. Let me lay the foundation for you. Here'S three watches the cost pet prime, the lympho lem 12, and the genesis […]

Kronos Blade GENESIS vs Kospet PRIME (aka AllCall AWATCH GT) Part 2: Battery Life & Wrist Twists

com and we're back with part two of the showdown between the COS pet Prime and the Kronos Blade Genesis. These two watches are phenomenal flagship, watches and we're shaking down some of the features in them, and I got to tell you we're, probably gon na have a part 3 as well. We'Ll see […]

Kronos Blade GENESIS vs Kospet PRIME (aka AllCall AWATCH GT) Part 1: The Basic Comparison

A youtube channel on the web at smart watch ticks calm today. Today is the big square off between the two trailblazing flagship smartwatches on the market. At the moment, in this corner, we have the COS pet prime it's, a revolutionary, very large, beautiful SmartWatch competing now face to face with the Kronos Blade […]

Install App to get “Always On” Watch Display + Notifications & Phone Calls on ANY Android Smartwatch

com. Recently we put up a video that showed you how you could take any basic standard. Android SmartWatch phone thing like this cos pet prime and turn it into an always on display. Well, that was great, except with these display on which was meant for low power usage. It blocked receiving any notifications, […]

Add “Always On” Digital Watch Display to ANY Android Smartwatch: Demo GENESIS and PRIME (AWATCH GT)

com and today in 10 minutes or less I'm gon na show you how to take just about any Android SmartWatch and put a really simple black and white digital always on screen on Your watch you're ready to go 80 percent of you – are gon na get what you need in two minutes. […]

KronosBlade GENESIS Dual Camera Outdoor Visible Screen 4G Android 7 Smartwatch: Unboxing & 1st Look

com. This is an incredible day. We are gon na unveil, something that may be the game, changing shifter in the Android SmartWatch arena, and it goes back seven months ago, there's a little saga, I'm gon na tell you about as we get into this incredibly tight packaging here. It begins with a little […]

KronosBlade GENESIS Dual Camera Outdoor Visible Screen 4G Android 7 Smartwatch: Quick Overview

1.1 SmartWatch that's, totally revolutionising the Android SmartWatch market because of the change of placement of cameras from the side to up here at the top, the predecessor that Janus was a runaway success and this one stands to be an incredible Smartwatch it has a transflective screen, meaning it's brighter outside than indoors, making […]

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G LTE WearOS Smartwatch: Quick Guide to Verizon Activation

Verizon is gon na. Let us activate the tick watch Pro 4G LTE. Are we excited or what huh, but before we do that you got ta answer these questions. Do you wan na wear OS smart watch? If you do, do you wan na tick watch Pro and if that's true, do you want […]

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G LTE WearOS Smartwatch: All about the NEW SIM Calling Feature

We are a YouTube channel on the web. Smart watch ticks calm and this is the tick watch. The tick watch Pro the tick watch Pro 4G LTE, and this video is all about that last mumbo jumbo it's. All about phone calling texting and data connection using the 4G LTE network which this tick […]