TicWatch Pro 3 ULTRA GPS tras 1 MES👑REVIEW del ¿mejor Wear OS?

Para samsung y su samsung galaxy watch 4 y watch 4 clases porque cuerpos como, os digo porque tiene cuatro ojos en su interior porque, cuesta 299 euros y, a pesar de ser muy, similar al tick. What pro 3 gps cambia el nombre por muy poquito y en el diseo ahora os voy, a […]

GW67 PRO MAX Smartwatch Unbox & Detailed Functions Review-IP68 Waterproof/Position Sharing/HD Screen

It is the gw67 pro max and we can see that it is also using the warefit pro and it is a wireless charging and now lets open the box. Firstly, we see a menu and in the watch and two straps one silicon and one nylon band. Finally, there is a wireless charger and […]

HUAWEI Watch GT 3 vs Apple Watch 7: Which Should You Choose?

Now in todays, video were going to be checking out two very interesting, smart watches that i have here. On one end, i actually have the brand new latest huawei watch gt3 and on my other hand here i have the apple watch. Seven now, both watches here are actually very interesting. So in todays, […]

D7 Pro Max Series 7 Smartwatch With GOOGLE PLAY, GPS TRACKER & Many Other Feature's.

This is the latest version. If you havent seen my previous videos, where i did the d7 pro or every other smartwatch uh clone, then check out my fake watches playlist, as you see loads of smart watches on there, but just before i get started, make sure you follow me on one of The […]

Nemheng Smartwatch Review… Best Budget Watch? Works on Android & iOS | Holiday Gift Ideas 2021

I was contacted last week by a young lady named bella from their company and they asked if i would review their smart watch. I, like smart watches, i own quite a few, so i was like okay lets see what this smart watch has to offer. This comes in two colors. I opted for […]

নতুন স্মার্টওয়াচ | Joyroom FT1 Pro Smartwatch Review in Bangla 2021 | জয়রুমের নতুন স্মার্টওয়াচ

ne, Fauzan, my.com.com, Jorong, talak.com, Smartwatch, Smartwatch, branding yang takluk, pintunya case untuk. Bangkit ke di Swedia, dengan suatu saja pintu, transmit Joko, napi, ipcc itu amin, amin amin, tampilan Smartwatch kami Day khai. Meanwhile, itu fiturnya cetok charging magnetic charging Jafra untuk bangkit tiket di pintu charging, hotset habis zaman Shoulders, begitu wireless charging, […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 review | The first OS smartwatch worth your money? | Unboxing samsung watch 4

So this is green, color and 44 mm in diameter, so for 44 mm size uh they have three options for the color color, green silver and black. So for the watch 4 series they have 40 mm 42 mm and 44 mm so mostly for 44 mm um, its designated um in general, for […]

ZKCREATION W3 Smartwatch Review

W3 smartwatch today is 17 november 2021, and the price of the smartwatch is 45 us dollars. The watch comes in black and gold colors. This is how the box looks like and in the box beside the watch, you will find the charging cable instructions and a few screen protectors. The watch has 0.86 […]

Smartwatch IWO W37 PRO – 1 MÊS E MEIO DE USO – Valeu a pena?

Grupo t outros grupos Ento vamos ao que interessa as aqui o w 37 pro a trabalhar mais rpido opinio seu produto com, os positivos, pontos negativos e Jardim amplo realmente escuta que foi uma grata surpresa a tinha o destino marcado ainda tem um modelo e ainda recomendo Uma dor bem legal massa, esse […]

2021 SMARTWATCH AWARDS [Not An Obvious Choice]

Weirdly enough, we lost more smart watches than we gained, and this was because of a massive update that left many watches in the dust with no promise of getting the update, theyre still for sale, but theyre just going to be obsolete really soon. So, for these reasons, its more important now than ever […]

ManiGoo Smartwatch | Unboxing and Review

They recently got in contact with me and asked me if i wanted to do a video review on their smartwatch, which i agreed to now, if youre curious, to learn more about this product and take a look at features that i may overlook ill leave. An amazon listing down below so you can […]

Xiaomi Imilab W12 Smart Watch COMPLETE Review

Is that, in my opinion, this is a really really nice budget. Smart watch, but it has some limitations and so that we can do a educated purchase. We will have to dig in a little bit deeper, which we will in this video why we live, and we are back so starting with this […]