LEMFO LEM T Extra Large Android 7.1.1 Smartwatch: The Bands ARE Removable! Here’s How.

Six were a YouTube channel on the web at SmartWatch tix.com and welcome to another installment of mr. tick, screwed up again mm. Hmm, this time, pretty good too. If you watch the video on the lympho LEM T SmartWatch that I swear or their bans are not removable in well you're gon na find […]

Opening it up! LEMFO LEM T Extra Large Android 7.1.1 Smartwatch: Are the Bands Actually Removable?

Besides, wear it on your wrist, after all the lymph, Oh LEM for the small brother of this one that has removable bands, so are they removable well we're, gon na answer that for you today, but first, ah, in order to do that, I need to let you Know that we are only able […]

LEMFO LEM T Gamers Smartwatch 2.86 Inch Screen 2700mAh 5MP Camera 4GLTE 3G+32G: Tips & Tricks!

At smart watch ticks calm and I'm in the process of unboxing Wow I'll. Do it later make sure you take that cover off back here as well? This is the front one when you open up your new device. Lympho has asked me to do a special video for you for a couple of […]