Wellue Heart Health Monitor with 24 hour Continuous ECG Recorder and AI Analysis: Unboxing & Review

XIAOMI MI BAND 6 AMOLED Screen IP68/5ATM Waterproof SpO2 Fitness Band: Unboxing and 1st Look

com and inside this rack box that you just hang at a department store? Is the xiaomi me smart band? 6.? Yes, it is a super sized increase of the band 5, but exactly the same shape and size, tiny, tiny little bit difference in size, but what's huge is the screen. Yeah there's been […]

XIAOMI MI BAND 6 AMOLED Screen IP68/5ATM Waterproof SpO2 Fitness Band: Quick Overview

Uh, brilliant amoled display you've got weather your status wow, look at that their new computation of pi, which is kind of a single number that tells you how you're doing with exercise and heart rate. You do have heart rate in here: continuous heart rate blood oxygen. It can measure stress level for you […]

Wellue Checkme™ O2 MAX Dynamic HR, SpO2 Blood Oxygen, Sleep Apnea Alarms: Unboxing & Review

Bakeey P8 Live ECG/PPG BP Health/Fitness Smartwatch with Independent SpO2 Monitor: Unbox & 1st Look

com. You ever seen one of these things. Of course you have yeah. The newer versions: do blood oxygen and heart rate and notice it's, just like a smart watch. It started out way to heck off and then it's starting to come down closer to what my actual heart rate is. So all of […]

Bakeey P8 Live ECG/PPG BP Health/Fitness Smartwatch with Independent SpO2 Monitor: Quick Overview

Smart watch with lots of different capabilities find your phone changing the different watch faces. If you want to to analog or digital uh power off settings overall, brightness brightness screen time how long it will be on which is usually not changeable from a watch and um stop watch and, of course, some activities […]

Wellue FDA Approved Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor with ECG/EKG Charts: Unboxing and 1st Look

Also from well. You it's, called the visual beat, looks like this we've reviewed it already. This is the little module that straps onto a chest strap that you wear to get heart rate and ecg readings, and this baby just may have saved my life yeah. I got a story to tell you at […]

Wellue VisualBeat™ Wearable Heart Rate ECG/EKG Chest Strap both ANT+ and Bluetooth: Quick Review

com. I'Ve got something in here that a lot of you guys have actually been asking for um, something that can augment what you can do with your smart watch and give you all kinds of capabilities, and this can do it and it's brand spanking new it's. A a uh, what you call a […]

Got a Cold, Flu, Virus, or Worse? Remote Smartwatch Monitors for Temp/ECG/Pulse/BP/Blood Oxygen/More

com. This is a health band, and today i want to talk to you about looking at health bands from a different perspective. Now healthband is not so much a fitness band, although it can do step count and calories, and things like that, but it's more of an instrument for taking your heart rate. […]

Wellue Checkme™LITE Heart Rate, ECG, SpO2, FDA Listed Medical Grade Device: Unboxing & 1st Look

com inside this pouch is something you've seen before this is the well you pulse bit exu. Remember this puppy preak ovid, which we could use to touch your hand and get an ECG chart. Wow have things changed over time? This thing is still available, but it's definitely been upgraded again. This is the […]

Wellue Checkme™Pro ECG, SpO2, Temperature, Blood Pressure Medical Grade Device: Unboxing & 1st Look

com. I got a box here, and this is really really something interesting and special for these challenging times. This actually is a wearable there's, a mode that you can wear it on your arm and look at the screen and it's a clock, so it qualifies as a SmartWatch but it's way way more […]