Toleda T2 AMOLED 390x390Screen IP65Waterproof Bluetooth5 Health Fitness Smartwatch: Unbox & 1st Look

Toleda T2 AMOLED 390x390Screen IP65 Waterproof Bluetooth 5 Health Fitness Smartwatch: Quick Overview

Toleda T4 Hybrid Analog/Digital 5ATM Waterproof Blood Pressure Dress Smartwatch: Unboxing & 1st Look

com. You can reach us directly there. What is it? It'S? A t4m, whoa what's, a t4m it's, a hybrid watch from toe lead attack, yeah hybrid watches, are straight analog. Regular watches with like a quartz movement in them that just set like a normal watch, but they have smarts inside as well. They'Ve, […]