It shouldn’t be surprising to say that we often find ourselves constantly under our smartphones, but come on watching tv is still one of the best experiences you can have and with its improved technology. Over the years, you can now do so much more with it now. Tvs will always be a home essential and can even be a helpful tool in building a healthy routine with you and your family, or even with your friends. So if you’re in the lookout for a massive premium and affordable tv, look no further and check this 65 inch smart quantum 4k tv by default Music, the brand aims to provide filipinos with top of the line, quality home entertainment systems at prices that are worth every Peso and since many of us are stuck at home, this smart tv might just make bondings with your family even more enjoyable. Now this 65 inch smart quantum 4k tv is actually the most capable and fully featured ultra high definition. Tv devont has ever released it’s sleek and simply looks great when placed in a nice open space like your sala or living room, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Here are the features that make this devant a premium quality product for your homes. It features an energy efficient, ultra hd quantum dot, display technology capable of producing over a billion vibrant colors with 10 bit high dynamic range to make it sound less techy. It only means that, whatever content you watch on this tv expect the colors to look nothing short of fantastic and accurate, since it’s hdr compatible watching netflix series or movies with dobby vision is definitely going to be an eye treat as well.

Apart from that, it comes with an ultra smooth motion and ultra dimming feature as well. What this does is that fast motion scenes and images will always look crisp, clear and natural plus blacks will look deeper and darker for its operating system. It runs on vdu. It also has its own app store called the vewd or the viewed app store it’s an html5 based storefront, where you can download web apps optimized for tv like videos, music, social networking, games, news and information. Aside from just watching videos having this tv can help. You kick start your morning routine with all its smart features. Just turn on your tv and from there you can get to browse news from the get go check. The weather visit your social media sites or perhaps browse the youtube app and watch your favorite workout videos on this giant 65 inch screen to enjoy your exercises even more just like what we did while it is handy and convenient to use our smartphones to stream videos Online or watch educational videos, the viewing experience watching from a tv is way different and more immersive. So if you’re interested in buying one the 65 inch devont quh v03 smart quantum 4k tv is priced at 52, 450 pesos. If you’re looking for something a little smaller. The quh v03 model is also available in 55, inch and 50 inch display sizes and just to throw this in there, devonte is currently holding its devon.

Tv bond deals promo until october 31st, 2020.. You can get a free, sbx60, 2.1 channel soundbar speaker system with built in subwoofer or the sb50 2.0 channel soundbar speaker system on selected 49 to 65 inch device, big screen tvs. You could check out the von’s flagship store at las mall and shoppi mall we’ll put the links down below their products are also available in leading appliance stores nationwide and there you have it. What do you guys think of devon’s latest smart quantum? 4K tv? Are you going to get one for the fam or maybe perhaps you might just get one for yourself? Let us know down in the comment section below and if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to leave a like subscribe, hit the bell, icon and be sure to visit for the latest tech, news and reviews.