I had a much different video planned for you today and then something showed up at my door and it cannot wait. This is completely unscripted. I ran straight downstairs and started filming, because i want you guys to know about this as soon as possible. This is the wise watch there’s a word that is thrown around a little too often, in my opinion, especially in the technology space, and that word is disrupter right, something that goes in and completely changes the way that thing has been done forever and ever like uber With taxis and airbnb with like hotels, so uh wise watch could totally be a disruptor before we get into this. I want to read you the specs on this thing. Okay, let’s go over the details. This got a 1.75 inch, touchscreen haptics blood, oxygen content, so it’s got a pulse, oximeter that’s the thing you stick on your finger when you go to the hospital and it tells you how much oxygen is in your blood and if it gets too low that’s, not A good sign – and it also gives you respiratory rate – this i don’t think, does respiratory rate, but it has a pulse oximeter it’s made out of aluminum it’s got these cool shortcuts that it does. You can mix and match designs like watch faces and on their website. You can download even more, but it comes with a bunch, it’s water resistant up to two meters – ip68 water.

Weatherproof rating did, i say: well, it says waterproof on this. Just to so it keeps track of your heart rate. Uh let’s see sleep monitoring, steps, it’ll track. Your steps right there, menstrual health tracking nine days of battery life. Are you kidding me nine days of battery life and that’s with an active amount of usage, and it comes with an optional upgraded strap, which i have here. It’S, a leather band rather than the uh kind of like polyurethane plasticky strap. Here we go, we’ve got genuine leather band. It feels cheap, it’s, cheap leather. It almost feels plastic, maybe it’s better as you use it, but this isn’t my style anyway. I would never rock this that’s just me thanks to my buddy bill for sending me this. I would have never known this thing even existed if it wasn’t for him all right, we’re taking it out here’s the wise watch, let’s power. This thing up, it’s got one massive button on the side which i love, we’ll hold it down. I’M, assuming haptics wise comes on. It’S got a qr code, so we need to scan this qr code. I’Ve downloaded the app let’s create an account that’s, my email new device, wise watch, 47 bluetooth access, okay, yep so i’m, going to scan this little qr code boom and it’s already pairing. This is an incredibly smooth operation like the setup process and it’s already on it’s. Like ready to go uh i’m gon na wear it on my left wrist swipe left to see apps swipe right to see data.

So, okay, so swipe left to see apps swipe down, to see notifications swipe up to see shortcuts swipe right to back long press to restart or shut down long press the screen to select face wow. This does a lot i’m going to tell you right now. Already, this has been a better experience than the fitbit sense. God i hated that thing. Let’S do this continue, enjoy your wise watching all right, so let’s take the sticky stuff off. So i can swipe left, and that gives me my data. So it’s got my steps and my calories there. This is really easy. It’S quite straightforward, it’s super intuitive there. It goes back to my data. I swipe left to just go back: oh here’s, the blood oxygen thing, so let’s pop this off. So the reason i went to this g shock watch not only because i thought it looked cool is uh. I was sick of the apple watch i’m sick of charging it every 36 hours so to have something with a really bright and good. Looking screen uh that doesn’t need charging, except for once every nine days, that’s really intriguing. I mean that sounds good to me. This band is like annoyingly kind of flimsy just fyi, but it does the trick. It doesn’t look bad swipe right to go i’m telling you. This is so much easier than a fitbit sense. Blood oxygen, maybe it’s calculating there’s a little animation right now of it running 98 boom.

I wonder how accurate that is. I’M gon na have to get a blood oximeter and test this so heart rate. We could legit go to whoop right now and see where i’m at with so this shows me at 78. That shows me at 77., so we’ve got some discrepancy here, we’ll test that too sleep so there’s, no sleep data. I guess like just at night it’s going to test we’ll again we’ll figure it out. It’S got an alarm. You can add some alarms. You can add some shortcuts. It’S got a timer and it’s got my weather it’s supposed to snow on thursday. What the that’s a huge bummer, so there’s only two watch faces, but it says we can change more on the app so let’s let’s. Try that again clock face edit. Oh wow they’ve got a smorgasbord of watch faces here and then we add it clock face installing. Please wait right now: it’s sinking so now we’re just waiting. What are my initial thoughts on this i’m honestly kind of blown away right now, here’s, why i’m blown away this is 19.99? Can you believe that this is 20 dollars, my god that was easy? It was so much more difficult to switch watch faces on a fitbit sense, it’s slower than an apple watch. You can’t put nearly as many faces on there. This is 20 and that’s like 400 right now. It’S also got a bigger screen, but let’s talk about that.

Real quick, so here are your watch faces. You can see just how much bigger this is, so this has got haptics that are much more refined, there’s, animations and like when i swipe it like it, moves in and moves out. This has none of that. It immediately shuts off this hasn’t, always on display, so you’re clicking this button, a lot more but 300 and well almost 400 bucks. 20. You guys tell me what you think. Would you like to see a full blown review of this compared to an apple watch? I’M? Not going to test it against the fitbit sense, because that’s garbage – and i would already take this over and it’s 20 watch uh. Would you like to see that comparison? Let me know in the comments below guys, thanks again, if you like the unboxing, if you want to see more hit that, like button, make sure you subscribe and we’ll get that out to asap i’ll catch, you later peace, these little amino energies by optimum nutrition.