. So we got the watch and this is the just to change the modes. Music stopwatch alarm type, countdown time zone number two, so t2 is Music to change the hour. You need to, or this is b a b c d, so you got ta hold on b and then you want to start blinking to change it, you press c, but to switch. You need to press a and to be done. You need to just press b. So after you you press c and then here again, this is water resistant for 300. feet in the water, see Music. So it is a really good watch Music, a good looking Music here’s the watch day, press four times to get to the countdown and right here, zero number one is the hours minutes. You could change it to play for like 10 ten hours or five it’s. Just about two hours there, then you just press c and it will start counting down. This tr is gon na, be blinking all the time. Until the alarm goes off, the alarm will go off and going for 10 seconds to turn it off. It will just go on Music that one every hour, every 60 minutes like right now, it’s 5, 8, 508, 509 and then once it becomes six o’clock, it will do one hit Music, just press two, and then i got my room to 7 30 in the morning. Up from my school and that will go off on my original time zone number one, so you could change it to times number two and this timer.

This is time zone number two, so just let’s say we go to like mexico. This is like our Music. This is like the mexico number two. This is usa, 409. Mexico yeah. This watch is pretty nice Music. Also, you need to take it once the battery is dying. Some like effects to know if the battery’s dying is when you do the light Music, Music, so Music, and then you can take it to your local jewelry store to unscrew these and change the battery, because you need like a special person or, if you’re good with Stuff, we just want to risk your watch, go, do it yourself, so i don’t think it’s that hard. So you should definitely get this watch it’s, pretty cool, durable. This is rubber here, and this metal is stainless. Steel, Music right there, stainless steel, and this is a really sweet watch. My favorite watch. You should get this, so i hope you guys liked the video on this review on the restaurant pro sport, 330.