As you can see, i have it right here, in my hand, in the black version it’s a pretty nice watch, but this video is going to be about the uh review of this watch. I’Ve used this watch for a few days now and uh. This watch was around 35 on amazon, so it’s pretty budget uh friendly watch and it doesn’t really seem like it’s, a 30 dollar watch now um. This is a 1.1 inch. Amoled display right here and the display quality is actually pretty nice, so you can see it’s pretty clear. The display isn’t blurry has some good. It has a good response rate it’s, a bit laggy, but um it’s, not too bad. The responsiveness is pretty good. Refresh rate is okay but uh, not too not too bad compared to other competitors in this range, but um compared to the xiaomi mi 4 xiaomi has upgraded the sensors in this watch. So, on the back, as you can see here, um, you have your sensors here and you can also charge your uh watch right here. So the xiaomi mi band 4. You have to actually remove these bands right here, but, as you can see, you can’t really remove them here, but here all you do, is you just attach it here? The chargers are magnetic, so you just plug it in and it charges so they have also added new workouts. So, as you can see, it tells you how many steps you have the time, your calories, you can change this, but i have it set to steps and calories right now.

So now you have your status right here. Status is just your general uh steps and everything like that. So those are my steps. Those are how much i’ve walked the distance calories and like that. But next you have your pai and then you have your heart rate. So if you use this, you can measure your heart rate. Has your phone notifications and has a stress level monitor now i’ve used the stress uh monitor before, and i got a 34, which is a relaxed section, but it is pretty hard to actually get a reading. I’Ve only gotten it once out of like five or six times i’ve tried it um just takes way too long, and after a while, it just says, cannot be measured, so it’s a definitely a cool feature to have, but it doesn’t really work all the time. For me, i don’t know if it’s just with this watch but um for me personally, it hasn’t been working that well next, you have your breathing exercises right here and then you have your events. This is all synced from your phone. You also have your weather right here. You can see all your weather, and this is something celsius, because i don’t think this is a global version. I got to figure out how to change that, but you have your weather right here. Tells you the weather tomorrow, tells you the weather, uh for the next few days, all through the week, so it’s pretty pretty nice feature instead of going into your phone and going to the browser and switching whether you can just go on your watch and check.

But you also have your workout section so it’s the main part of the watch. So, as you can see here, you have outdoor running, you have treadmill, you have cycling, you have indoor cycling, walking, elliptical, rowing machine, yoga, jump, rope, pool swimming, which is your swimming and freestyle. So if you’re looking for something weight, lifting you just have to go. Freestyle there’s not really a specific mode for weight lifting but other than that. I wish there were a few more modes but uh it’s, overall, pretty good, pretty good for the price you’re paying and uh yeah compared to these other smart watches. You see on amazon. For honest range, they seem really low quality. But if you look at this, the quality is really nice. The rocker feels really high quality, doesn’t feel like it’s, something cheap and the latch right here for the buttons it’s actually pretty nice, so you can just plug it. In right here, just kind of press it down it’s kind of the apple watch, uh brain where you have so apple watch band, is a bit better high quality but um. This is just as good so nothing to complain with here, but this is overall good watch and i’m gon na be using it for the next few days too. I feel, like i’m gon na use this as my personal uh permanent watch right here now. I did test out the workouts for my uh running and it seems to be pretty accurate, so you are going to get accurate stats from this watch.

Not like some other watches. Now you might have seen different brands like amaze, fit and bunch of other watches, but this is the best. In my opinion, the layout of everything, the os of everything is just really nice and some hidden features in this watch is actually in here. We are pressing more, you can set your alarms right here. So, as you can see, i have it set to 7 am every day, and then you can also have the camera shutter. So what you have to do for this one i haven’t set it up yet, but you can use this as like a camera shutter, so let’s say if you’re uh taking a selfie and you don’t want to pick up your hand to ruin itself. You can just use your watch as a wireless shutter. You can also control your music from here if you’re playing any music – and you have your stopwatch right here – i like to actually swipe back it’s kind of like the iphone just swipe back this way and it’s it’s a nice it’s, a nice os it’s, one of The best os’s i’ve found but uh you can actually find your phone, which is something you get out of apple watch. You can find your phone, which it’s only apple watch, feature it’s, really good on the apple watch, so i’m surprised to see it on a 38 dollar watch it’s. Just so surprising. We also have silent mode.

We have a world clock, you can go through all the clocks, you want and set them to your specific liking, but yeah, as you can see all the clocks are here but uh. You also have your band display. Now these are all the displays. You’Ve synced to your watch. So if you do want more um watch displays you’re gon na have to go into the me, fit app and change it from there. But the mifi app is pretty big and has a lot of settings and features that you have to go through. But here you have your brightness i’ve set set it all the way to the max it’s, a pretty good looking display. So why not have it set to the max, but your lock screen is right here for a lock. So whenever you turn on your watch, you got ta swipe up to unlock it, but uh yeah. You have all your uh other settings right here, and this is one feature you must have on. This is a detect activity feature. So this means, if you’re running, and you forgot to turn on workout, it will actually detect that you are running and it will start automatically for you so that’s, a pretty good feature and i’d say the best feature out of all. This is the um heart rate. The stress and all the workouts in this and the find my phone thing and the weather uh the weather. I really love just so.

You can check all the time, but this is a great watch for anybody who doesn’t want to spend too much money on buying a smart watch. If you want to buy apple watch, let’s say you should go with this instead, but um yeah. This is a 38 dollar watch and this is compatible with android and ios. So don’t worry that this is only compatible with android, but it is compatible with ios 2.. So ios users can also use this, and this is a great watch. It looks great on your hand, it’s a tiny watch, so it doesn’t really make your hands look super big or odd, like the apple watch and other competitors, but this is a really good looking watch and, as you can see, if i reflect in this light, you Can kind of see the display the size right here it kind of blends in with the rest of the bezel it makes it look like this whole screen is a display, but you can actually see the display the 1.1 inch display, and now you can also see The home button right here, so you just press like that, and then it will go to the home button. But as you can, as you just saw right there, you have to swipe up to unlock. But this is a great watch. So if you’re looking to buy a watch that has accurate measurements, a good looking watch, not too big, has all the basic features that you get in the apple watch for a budget price.

You have a good screen, it’s, also waterproof, so you can go swimming with it, as you saw in the workout modes, but this is probably one of the best watches on the market right now. A lot of people haven’t really bought this watch just because they probably don’t know about it, but uh yeah. You can definitely find these on amazon it’s a great great looking watch a great function, uh functionality watch from the practical standpoint, but uh yeah it’s, a pretty nice watch other than that guys.