My name is isaac and thank you so much for tuning in before we dive right into the video. Please smash that like button and also subscribe to me. This really helps me by supporting my channel so to this video i’ll be reviewing the smartwatch, which is a very good budget, smartwatch right here now let’s dive right into the review, all righty. So this is the unboxing experience we, we got this very cool, looking box, or – should i say, packaging over here with all the details at the back, showing all the specifications together with the branding and the sides on the inside. We get this very cool black color. Looking case a box and showing off the watch on the inside, we leave that aside, okay and on the inside, we get this charging cable, which is a usb type. A to this magnetic charging outlet or charging port which is connected to the watch. Okay, simple stuff: like this, we get a user manual which shows off all the details and how to use the watch correctly and that’s about it. Now let’s check out the watch. We can peel off the sticker first and yeah. I’Ve pre owned it for quite some time now, so you can see it’s already fully functioning at the bottom. We get to see the sensor, which is the heart rate sensor over here, and also the magnetic charging port with good quality rubber, i would say, which is which feels very good and the touchscreen experience feels okay overall on the main screen, you can see all the Details such as day to day, where the time heartbeat steps, calorie and also the distance which can be seen further on the second page, the heartbeat, and this is the sleeping hours of sleeping schedule.

I don’t have mine shown here because i didn’t wear my watch yesterday and the weather here’s the breathing exercise, which i actually kind of like. So, if you swipe up, you can see all these other details, you can go through them, one by one. Okay, we click on the statistics, and this shows what we have seen earlier. The step count the distance and also the calorie that we have burnt throughout the day. Then the heartbeat you can see the highest heartbeat rate and also the lowest in the sports mode. We have a lot of this sports. I believe there’s 12 types of sports data that we can check out as you can see, and then it’s the weather app, which we have seen earlier sleeping the sleep tracker which we’ve also seen earlier and here’s the notice, which i actually use it all the time To check out my notifications, when it’s connected to my phone in the music settings, we can just skip tracks, playback previous tracks and also play and pause for other details. We have stopwatch countdown finding our phone and also the breathing exercise for the settings. We can change. Many different kinds of watch face as you can see here and overall i prefer this one. The traditional watch face because it shows all the details with very clean, aesthetic and more about in the settings. We can see about the watch, power off and resetting the watch, and this is the brightness to adjust the brightness.

I prefer it at the lower setting because i think the brighter it goes. It will waste my battery life, but then it’s overall, a very bright screen. Actually, and for the battery life, it has been rated of 20 day standby battery life with a battery capacity of 260 mah, which is more than enough. Definitely once i put it on charge for like 30 minutes, it can charge from 0 to close to 100 or maybe 100, just like that, and i don’t have to worry about thinking when’s the next time to charge it because it will vibrate to. Let me know when it’s low on battery and for the comfort i really like how comfortable it is, although i have very very small hands here’s how to charge it just connect the usb port to the charging brake or even up to our computer stuff, like that And you can just toss your watch on it magnetically and it just charges okay. So this is the phone app that i’ve, downloaded and i’ve got a lot of data stored in it because i’ve been using the watch for quite some time now, and i really love it very simple, aesthetic, very simple user interface, which shows details such as my heartbeat Grade the highest lowest and my average sleeping sleeping data which you can see here, which also shows how long i obey my light sleep, my deep sleep, duration, together with overall sleeping hours every day you can see the date above and i can track how much i’ve Slept every single day, just like that and in sports mode.

This is where i can go for health tracking, such as running walking and also riding my bike, and you can just use the gps from the phone to track how far i’ve gone and also i can check the history on my workout records, as you can see. For the last button we can see, we can see our watch that is connected to the phone via bluetooth and also the battery percentage. And what i really like about the battery percentage is that i don’t have to worry about it when i go travel or when i go out station, because the battery can last at least three weeks to a month. So i have to. I don’t have to worry about battery dying halfway through and for the red water resistant. I would say: it’s it’s not really rated waterproof in the description, but i’ve tested it i’ve showered with it i’ve swam with the watch and it’s working perfectly fine. As you can see, i see no problems with the watch. As you can see here, i can still swipe on the screen. No problem everything’s working, fine, so yeah that’s pretty much it about the review and why i recommend this watch i’m totally, not sponsored, but i really like it because of the price and also the functionality of it. It really helps me with my daily activities, because i prefer smart watch over traditional watches. Smartwatch can help me with my notifications and also vibrate, when i need to wake up in the morning before class, which access my alarm clock.

My second alarm clock, something like that stuff like that functions like that, which makes me consider a smartwatch over traditional watch so yeah. Thank you so much for watching be sure to like this video subscribe to my channel and turn on the bell notification.