Glad you’re here today is a super, exciting video i’m going to be reviewing the garmin approach. S62 golf smart watch i’ve had this now for just about a year. I use it almost every round and it has been a great addition to my golf game. I know i’ve talked about it a handful of times on a couple of my videos, so i thought it was time to do a full review. So we’re going to play round of golf today, i’m going to show you how this works i’m going to document it for you and share with you my honest thoughts and hopefully give you some insights. If you decide to buy it or one like it, so let’s get started. We are here today at the lakeside st anne’s here in delaware and uh. If you haven’t, subscribed, go ahead and click that subscribe button hit that like it goes a long way to help the channel. I know that a lot of you who are watching are not subscribers, so go ahead and click that subscribe button to be notified of all new videos and content that comes out all right. Let’S get going so to get around started. You’Ll click, the top right orange button. The watch will then go ahead and show you the screen. Where you click play golf. It will take some time to locate the satellites. This is dependent upon where you are most of the time it doesn’t take too long, but then, once it locates, the satellites it’ll identify the course you’re on right, where you’re at and it will take some time to load the course.

This watch has over 41 000 courses, pre loaded. You will want to plug in your watch to your computer to make sure that those all stay up to date. I believe you have to plug it in to update and get those course downloads, but once it downloads you’ll be able to then select the option to keep score, and then you can also select the option to play men’s or women’s tees and in some cases the Courses that have blue white red, you can also select that i think it depends on what data your course feeds to garment all right. So, as you can see, the watch starts up i’m able to uh automatically let it select the course of mine uh. It does that in every course i’ve been to so far and then it allows you to keep score. Then it tells you, you know the stats about that hole. So i’m on number one it’s, a par four uh. It is 385 yards to the flag. It recommends the club once you’ve hit or played at least five rounds, and so for me, um i’m gon na go ahead and use my driver and then i’ll show you, as i ever hit the ball um, how it tracks your shot. So let’s get underway. All right, so, as you can see after i hit my shot, it says which club did you use so i’m going to select big bertha and then once i select it, it’s going to have this little icon on the top, as i start to drive to that Number 11.

that’s going to start to track how uh, how far my drive was so let’s get in the car and go head up to the ball, all right, so there’s, the tee box. Coming back here, there’s my my ball. I am uh about 179 yard. Drive i’m 196 now from the uh from the flag and then it’s going to suggest that i hit my 5 wood from here, i’m. Probably going to go with my uh hybrid here, but um, maybe my five iron just to get it out and up safely. Since i’m, in the rough all right, second shot off the side of the hill, my watch says that it was 173 yard drive. I am about 200 yards away from the flag, so i’m gon na use my five iron to get it out of the rough here. Hopefully get it into the fairway for a good third shot, do all right, not too bad so shot from there over here and have about 45 or so yards to go until i get to the flag. So for me this is a 60 degree territory and uh. So, for the best result here, it’s a nice day here, it’s about 65 degrees, it is a little breezy. You might be able to hear that in the microphone – hopefully not too bad just to the left of the green. It bounced down, see it over there. Little pitch up should work that was nice and close.

I decided to use my putter because from that range chipping at times can be a little sketchy so i’m putting for boogie. Oh my gosh. There we go that is hole number one. I double bogeyed that putt you saw in and out doesn’t seem fair but i’m going to get up to my cart and i’m going to show you how i enter my score and then we’ll be off to the next hole. You can see that so i hit double bogey that was technically a two putter fairway was a little right, no penalties, we’re on hole, number three! It is a par four and, as you can see on my watch, it is a par four it’s 426 yards from where i’m at uh it is suggesting. The watch is suggesting my five wood i’m gon na go with driver here, that’s. The one thing that i can say right now with the watch is that you know, as you play with the watch i think i mentioned earlier. It takes five rounds, five full rounds for it to learn your clubs, and then you begin to get suggestions as you get to the course, and so, if you’re, someone like me, who is you know, inconsistent at times, it’s going to suggest sometimes inconsistent clubs, and so You still need to know your distances, so if you haven’t seen the video uh click at the top here, there’s a video i just put out last week that talked about how far should i hit my clubs.

That gives you an expectation of what you should be hitting each of your clubs, or at least gives you an average and so that’ll help. But then, if you use something like the watch, that can also help you get uh, you know closer to. You know what you’re hitting and then you have a real knowledge of what clubs to use and when so i’m gon na tee off here and then we’re gon na play this hole and see how it goes. Oh, my gosh, that was even with hitting the geese booth. Oh well! You saw that. I hope you saw that wow. That was something else so let’s see. I so drive, plus the drop so three, four five, six seven! So not the greatest the drop triple bogey, but that putt was awesome and uh. You know that’s just how it goes. I will say i think i have sure before i use the perfect practice putting mat and that thing has definitely helped and improved my putting it helps with the distances it helps with the amount of force i use and just an overall great you know, training aid. So highly recommend, if putting is something you struggle with, you know, get yourself any putting in really or perfect practice. Putting really really works. Well, all right! Well, i think you’ve seen the majority of how the s62 works um. You know my overall thoughts on the watch is that it is a solid, uh piece of golf equipment.

I think, if you’re somebody who um is analytical like i am, and you want to know you know your distances, you want to track the aspects of your game. The s62 is great because it does just that it does it in a compact manner and the things that i like about it is that it catches on to the gps satellites pretty quickly and then throughout your round. It just works um. I have an iphone and typically wear an apple watch, but when i go off, i use the garmin s62. One of the things that i like is, i don’t need the phone, so i can leave the phone in the golf cart. I can let it play music or do whatever, and i can just use the watch. I can go all the way across the course doesn’t matter. The watch is working and does its own thing. The shot tracking is fantastic um. You know obviously, like i mentioned before the the positives, are that it tracks your shots. The negative is that, if you’re someone like me, who’s inconsistent, you have to be mindful that it’s going to potentially track the inconsistencies and so um. I still track every shot, because i want to see the numbers i want to see the overall and then it helps me gauge where i need to make improvements um some people. I know that have the watch don’t do that they if they hit a bad shot.

They don’t track it i don’t know. I just think that it’s easier that way, um i like the fact you can keep score. It helps me track my score i’m. Also somebody who wants to be very specific with my score, and so i want to make sure that i am tracking it appropriately, because i want to see again where i can get better, where i had opportunities, and so you know for me that’s something that uh. I have a little bit of ocd and some passion around you know doing the score. The way the score should be, and so, if you’re in the market for a uh, you know either a range finder or a golf piece of tech um. The s62 could be for you, like i mentioned um before it is rather expensive, it’s about 500 retail uh. Sometimes you can find it on sale or you can find like a coupon at golf galaxy and get it discounted, but garmin does have a line of golf watches that go all the way down, i believe to 200. So you know those are options too. I don’t know if they all do shot tracking, but they do give you the rangefinder aspect. They take into account several factors on the course, and so i think anything that you want to do to help improve your game. You know i’m all for it and think that it could be well worth your investment. So if you’re new here we’re glad you’re here, if you’re watching this video and you haven’t subscribed hit that subscribe, button click the bell to get notified.

Uh click the like. Let us know you like the video and drop a comment below to let us know what your favorite part of the video was and if you have the garmin watch, what you think about it or if you have a different golf, monitor, watch there’s several out there. So let us know – and we hope to see you each and every saturday at 11am eastern time we post new episodes. Every week we like to have fun, we like to educate and, as we say, every video you can still have fun, even when you’re playing plus one all right.