It is a lifestyle product company they make traditional watches, glasses, etc, And now from traditional watches, theyve moved on to smartwatches their new product, Fastrack Reflex Vox, has launched And when an Indian company brings out good products for us, we HAVE to do the unboxing. This smartwatch is under Rs 5K. A lot of features are added which are mostly found in expensive watches. It comes in 5 different colors, we have a red variant, The design is familiar and the screen is big. Lets check out the strap, the fit Its a bit hard to put on the strap properly, but once you put it on, it has a snuggly fit. These are rubber straps and are interchangeable. If you want a different one, you can just change it. The strap quality is good. The red color stands out. It would especially look good on girls. The charging cable has magnetic pins on one side. You can charge with any USB adapter. It is lightweight with an aluminium case with hard plastic at the back. It weighs 42.3 gms, We have a dial and a microphone here. The chin and the screen both are big. The screen is 1.69 LCD screen, As it is a LCD screen. You might have problems outdoors in bright sunlight, but because of the big screen, The letters will appear big. It costs Rs 4995. I will tell you about the features that are normally in more expensive watches than this, but the touch responsiveness Is decent in squarish watches.

The responsiveness is a bit dull on the corners, but not in this. It has a flashlight camera, shutter control, music weather, sleep control, breathe stress, control, Lets check the SpO2 sensor Now lets have a look at the heart rate sensor. Both the sensors are 80 90 accurate. There are a total of 14 sports mode, including cricket And the feature. I was talking about is Alexa The feature works. Well, it does not have a speaker, but it has a microphone The most important thing in a smartwatch to track your fitness records is its app. You get all your activity right, upfront, the steps, the heart rate, your stress, level, etc. It does not its own GPS, but it uses your phones, GPS. Another important thing is watch faces, It has 100 watch faces And you can also customise your watch face with a photo. You wont have problems in the rainy season as it is 5atm water resistant. It provides a battery life that lasts upto 10 days, which is decenta lot of watches have upto 14 15 days. There are a lot of smartwatches available, but Indian smartwatches are very few.