com or aliexpress. In fact, from the indian e commerce. I’M, actually not expecting apple watch for 400, but it has some promising features so let’s unbox it Music, Music, again, Music, okay, so it has a pretty standard. Unbranded box. The model name is d13 on the front side. It has feature icons, heart rate, temperature, calories, steps, gps and calling and on the back side, some other specifications display, which is 1.3 inches and bluetooth 4 usb chargeable weight is 27 grams charging about charge charging charging time two hours, strap material, tpu or dimensions. Looking here, these are the available colors, and this specific is the black one. Let’S open it: oh Music. Okay, there are some documents where they’ve mentioned, which app to download this should be a fitpro app and a good quality strap for a 400 price point, and this is the watch on the back side. You can see the sensor and on the front side it is having a touch button it’s already on beautiful it’s, not looking bad, i would say for a price of 400, so let’s test it out. One good thing is: it has interchangeable straps, so you can change the color anytime and you can directly put it inside the charger to charge it. So that is an easy task. Music, the display looks beautiful, as you are not able to notice the bezels, because it has a black background. In actual it has a 1.3 inch display, that’s it, and these all are the bezels.

So i would say it: doesn’t have a touch screen, although it has a touch button from where you can change the menu, and you can always long press on the button to get inside the option like in the settings, and there are also two styles for the Watch one is this, and the other one can be changed with a long press like this, so let’s check out the sensors – and this is for heart rate, Music, okay, Music and now the blood pressure Music. So this seems to be working correctly. So, basically, you need this app to connect with the watch and the app name is hry fine and you have to register with your email, id and phone number for the first time and once you download it, you have to switch on your bluetooth and click on This watch icon and it says the hand rig, is connected. That means it is already connected, and you can also manage the notifications from here yeah. So you can enable and disable any reminders you want and it simply pops up on your watch when you receive any notification and you can also set the alarm dnd vibration. So this app is pretty handy and it is easy to manage the notifications and other features of the watch, and i think this watch is pretty good. It tracks your steps, kilometers calories, give you all the notifications for the calls for the whatsapp for facebook. Any text, all notification, you get and there’s a heart rate sensor, which tracks your heart rate and blood pressure.

Also so i think for this price point you can’t get a deal better than this for sure the link is in the description from where to buy it, and you can also ping me on my instagram or facebook to know.