So if you haven’t subscribed to mr tech, tattoo do subscribe and don’t forget to click the notification bell to miss any further updates. So this is the box right here of the original smart watch, so it’s, pretty good, green and bright and pretty premium too just um ignore the lines you see. So let me zoom in for you so that you can see the features more clearly so yeah that’s better, so you have heart rate, hd, colors, gallery notification, perimeter activity and sleep tracking, so those are really good features and it only cost about around 30 forty dollars. That’S really cheap in the blue, you have watch faces, it has three watch faces which are really good and i, like the last one, so yeah i’ll keep that for so for my watch so top you have orimo and certain ios, 8 or above android, 4.4 or Above good to know so, it’s written download app enjoy very too so if you wanted to connect it to your phone, just click i mean download driver 2 from play, store and app store. So without any further ado, let’s open the box. Okay, so there’s a lot going on in this box, it’s really premium. So you have the watch drawing on the cardboard it’s real. It has nice texture, so let’s open it. You don’t have anything below. You have something called keep exploring like that like to know that so you don’t have anything on the other corners, but just below so let’s, open and whoa.

That is awesome. The watch is there, it’s really clean black and it just has so let’s take out the watch. It looks pretty good let’s. Keep that aside. So the below you have the box, which i’m assuming is the charger box. Okay, so pretty good and let’s see the charger. Oh, so this is a unique charger. It’S from a usb a to this watch, holder, Music let’s see so we have to just click the button and it opens so yeah pretty nice lock. I guess so. We put the watcher and we close it and it works automatically. So we can just keep a charging and charge one. So yeah phone is good. It’S black it’s, nice, good quality, so let’s get on to rebooting it. So while it reboots let’s check the specifications of the phone, so it has a 1.3 screen in size, i mean screen size and it has a 20 to 40 milliamp hour battery. It also has the 20 day standby and ip67 rating, so pretty good specifications, so let’s check after three words: okay, so it’s rebooted. So i know you can see a lot of lines that is not the original product, but i had a defect right out of the box. So don’t worry nothing. This is a really rare scenario, so yeah it’s, really rare. So in this round screen we have square screen only so the round is just for design, but you have the home button, which is a watch button.

Basically, strap quality is good. I like the bubble design, though so the buttons clicked and down you, have the magnetic charger and the heart rate sensor, so yeah, it’s, nice, so let’s see it’s is it’s Music. Okay, so i get it so below there’s a button that makes it feed the touchscreen. So basically, if you long click you’re going to put on settings which is running cycling and all the basically thing you need so you have. You have settings which is called others yeah, the brightness level, which is it’s currently on one, and you can increase it to two three and four, which is the brightest, and i recommend doing that because you cannot see that so yeah. It has a lot of features and they’re on so to go back. Just click our button, so yeah it’s nice, like this unboxing and first looks so it’s pretty nice, except for the screen, which only happened to me once again: Music, so let’s check the look and feel and how it looks so it’s pretty soft.