Every time, and now we are going to review on the fitbit versa. 2 let’s see the watch and don’t skip the video yeah. This is the box and i have ordered fitbit versa. 2 grey missed grey, let’s unbox it that was so satisfied. Now inside you will get the pack like this see. This is a watch. First, you have to install a app called fitbit in your mobile. This is the display exercise, exercise alarm time of spotify spotify. You have to pay and use next: relax, music weather wallet, settings tips, deezer, clocks and agenda elect, and you we have even amazon alexa here. This is the alexa. Okay, now let’s see the charger. This is the instruction manual and, and here you’ll, get a bigger, strap extra and larger strap that i kept somewhere. I’Ll show you in the next video see you will get the charger in this box. This is the charger. This is the charger this only the wire. They will give and that socket you have to insert do you have these here, four pins and we have to attach the four pin those four pins to here here. You have to attach those four pins. This is the charging point like this, and you have to just plug into the socket, and i will show you how to remove the band and keep a new band see be careful while handling handling. It was the ultimate watch i had never seen see here.

You have these push these push this this side push this this side, the tuck sound will come and you can remove the band like that. This also – and you can insert another band easily and it is easier to insert the band also to the watch, but be careful while handling it means it’s, stronger, it’s, a strong watch, but be careful, but also too big yeah. This is the watch. Wait. A second – and this is the look of the watch – guys um. This is the end of the video. If you like this video, please share, subscribe and subscribe to healthstar as yo.