Over the last few years, i’ve collected quite a few cool. Looking watches i’ve got one handed watches i’ve got a left handed racing watch, i’ve got a samurai dive watch a 24 hour. Russian submarine watch a gold plated data bank for gangster accountants, the original james bond watch from the novels, the fake james bond watch, known as the casio royale, an heirloom quality pocket watch. The first watch i bought with my own money at age 13. and i even have a watch that the watch snobs approve of and i’m a modern jet. Of course, i’ve got a smart watch that connects to my phone. All that being said, gents the watch i’m about to show you is perhaps the most interesting watch of them all. So let me start things off with the question: if you were visually impaired, how would you be able to tell what time it is right now seriously if you just wanted to check today’s date, you wanted to see what time it is to the second. You wanted to be able to read a text message without your phone without your device announcing it to the world, you see that’s the problem with most devices that are devised for the visually impaired. They rely on sound. So if you read the timeout guess what everyone around you knows that you’re checking the time if you’re reading an intimate, you know private text message, guess what it isn’t private anymore. Now, why am i talking about all this? Well, in case you didn’t know, today january 4th is world braille day.

Luis braille was born on this day and the united nations recognized this day because they want to raise awareness point. Five percent of the population is blind and almost three percent is visually impaired, gents that’s, over 250 million visually impaired people in this world chances are, you know somebody that’s blind. You know somebody that is dealing with visual impairment enough so that it’s difficult for them to get around and to do the day to day things like simply reading a watch with that being said, gents i want to introduce you to the dot watch. Perhaps the most interesting watch that i own today’s video is sponsored but i’m happy to bring you dot watch because i got this watch a couple weeks ago and over the last few weeks, i’ve actually taught myself a bit of braille, which has been really cool to Actually use this watch and to learn a new language. Now before i get into the details of the watch gents, i want to share with you a personal story back in college. One of my best friends was blind. The age of three started losing his sight. It got progressively worse till he was legally blind at the age of five. This guy wrestled throughout high school. He was a very fiery independent person. Despite all that, though, i saw how the system, how the world pretty much worked against him, because this was a guy that you know he needed rides to places he couldn’t drive.

Obviously, but there were other things going on here. He simply couldn’t cross the street because the small town didn’t have it set up so that he would actually know if a car was coming or not. He you know would do his best, but multiple times i saw him fall trip and pick himself back up and i’m. Just thinking when i saw this i’m like wow here is a tool that can help people that can’t see well all of a sudden, be a bit more independent, because that was what chad absolutely was about about independence about being his own man. So when i had the chance to talk about this company and what they’re doing i was really you know i jumped on this. As i started learning braille all of a sudden, i realized wow. I now have a lot more in common with one of my friends from college who i haven’t talked to for years and who actually i just reached out to and had a great conversation with. So what exactly is the dot watch? The dot watch is a smart watch that connects to your phone and outputs the information in braille. So it allows you to check the time down to the seconds. It allows you to check the date. You can use the timer. You can use the stopwatch. If somebody calls you it the phone will, let you know not only you’re getting a call, but who it is so you can choose whether or not you want to answer it.

I also really like that. It’S got an alarm and again it doesn’t have a big sound that goes off all of a sudden. It just starts to buzz, so you know what’s going on and doesn’t announce the world that you had an alarm set or that you’re going in and checking the time. This is something that you can privately do all. That being said to me, the most interesting feature, though, is the text messaging feature, because i never really thought about this, but all these messages coming to your phone, you can get them forwarded right here in braille and you’re, going to be able to know what’s going On again, without announcing to the world what you’re reading you can actually go in there and respond, so the specifics of how it works is interesting. If you’re familiar with braille, you know that it’s a three dimensional system, you use your fingers with and they’ve got actually four cells here, two of which underneath they’ve actually got sensors. So as your fingers go across, it actually knows that your fingers went across and it can scroll you to the next part. You can actually learn braille with this, so let’s say you got someone in your family that you just simply wanted to pick up learning braille. This is actually a device that can teach you braille on the go now when it comes down to size, it’s, actually not that large 43 millimeters across and 12.

5 millimeters high, and they made this thing tough, using titanium steel. They also paid attention to style. When you look at this, you look at the design, it looks sleek. It looks elegant when people see this they’re going to wonder: okay, it’s a watch but there’s something different about this and a feature i just found the other day and absolutely love. I can press this right here twice and it will find my phone there. It is right in my pocket now the watch does use a rechargeable battery and they say it lasts for about five days. I didn’t get it to last that long, but i was using it quite a bit. Thankfully it charges pretty darn, quick and that charger is pretty intuitive. You just place it right on there now gents, if you’re, all interested in the dot watch, use that link down in the description and check out what these guys are doing over at dot i’m going to link over to the bigger company, they’ve got other products they’re. Putting out i love what this company stands for, i watched the ted talk of the ceo saw what he stands for, what difference he wants to make in the world. I love initiatives like this. When entrepreneurs see a problem, they see how they can help people and they get out there and develop a product so guys check out what they’re doing, use that link and go check out dot. In addition, gents i’m going to link to their youtube channel down there in the description you can go check out some of the other testimonials some of the other videos.

If you want to learn more about how the watch works, so many cool details over there, i would love to hear from you guys down in the comments. I know you guys got your opinions. I want to hear who, in your life, would benefit from a watch like this or who, in your life, is dealing with a disability and has found a way to overcome it or maybe need some help. I love hearing your guys’s story and i want to hear from you down below now all that being said. Why would i say that this watch is the most interesting watch that i own, because i know a lot of cool watches, but you know this one got me thinking and i’ve said this quote before wearing a watch isn’t about telling the time it’s about your relationship With time and as i’m wearing this watch as i’m learning braille as i’m learning this new language in this whole new world. All of a sudden, i realized what this watch is introducing me to got me talking with my friend again, all of a sudden. I got thinking about hey just what am i doing with my website with the information i’m, putting out to be able to make sure that we are. You know we’re set up there for those of you that are visually impaired, for maybe people that can’t. You know that have issues with their hearing. What are we doing for them and that watch every time i wear this, so i know many of you guys, yeah.

You have great vision, but do you know somebody? Do you have someone that you love that you care about that has bad vision, and that may be something you want to get this for them as a gift, maybe you’re curious, you’re, the type of person, my nephew, he learned sign language and didn’t. Think much of it until he’s, a manager in southern california, at a bar restaurant and some guy comes in and was just blown away that my nephew 21 years old is there signing with him and working with them, and now this guy is going there all the Time just thinking that he’s got somebody that can communicate, they can get him his meals little things like getting him some ketchup when he asks for it versus having to write everything out. Those are i mean things like this are pretty amazing and what video to watch next. Well, how about you check out my entire watch? Collection it’s, an older video. I lay it out here all the watches that i own go check it out right here guys.