So this is the smartwatch model, number cs254, your fitness and health tracker. So this fitness watch kind of resembles uh. The apple watch what’s unique about this one – is that it is the first smartwatch slash tracker that you can use the siri assistant on so we’ll get into that in a second, but this is just going to be a quick unboxing here is the app download so Scan here to download zeroner health pro so that’s the app you’re going to need to get this paired up with your phone or to get all the features of it. So you can see here no swimming, so it doesn’t look like it has any ip water resistance. We do have accurate heart rate, monitoring measurement of spo2 that’s oxygen. We have phone call answering and hanging Music, notificat message, notifications, multiple sport modes, so i’m guessing you do have run cycle and walk and stuff like that. We also have heart health tracking and the brief training kind of similar to what you have on the apple watch and also music, slash audio listening, not sure if it has a speaker secondary reminder, waterproof rating 3 atm never heard of that. But here it is the smartwatch your fitness and health tracker supported on android, 5.0 and above and ios 10 and above see what we get inside so let’s do that. I got my little knife here: i’m going to cut the seal. Get in here comes with so here it is, you get.

The watch got a little. Thank you, the provo. Thank you golder little qr code. You have the warranty there. We have 12 months free, warranty extension got got, ta register your device. Then we have the manual here model number cs254, health and fitness watch recommend you definitely go through this. We have this magnetic two prongs. With the little magnetic thing in there let’s see how long this is it’s about a foot long. Then we have the watch. You can see here the size of it it’s pretty nice feels like it’s. We see, i don’t know feels metallic. We do have silicone bands and on the back, we have the sensor here to to monitor your heartbeat and stuff like that, and then we have the little connector there. So let’s see how strong this one is, should connect just like this and then start charging. I can show you on other watches: it’s pretty similar here is the uh vermi vt3 also has a similar connection, and then we have the s. 11 smartwatch here also the same connection pretty interesting, here’s. The different sizes compared to the newer one let’s see how it looks next to the apple watch, almost the same size. We have. It looks like a little speaker here and a little microphone here, so that’s very interesting and then size comparison next to the the vermi vt3 it’s, a lot bulkier and it’s also a little bit bulkier than the s 11.

smartwatch similar bands on all of them. So let’s peel this off and you can see that the screen is not as big as the image it portrayed right here to create a big old image. You can see it’s a smaller screen now compared to the vt three. You see there’s bigger, it’s, a lot bigger, but let’s power. This on see. If i got the right power button – and here you can see english, it is touch screen. Wow, very strong vibration on this watch i’m going to go ahead and set this up.